Lauren Bacall passes away following a massive stroke

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Early gay icon and legendary screen actress Lauren Bacall died last night after a massive stroke, aged 89.

The glamorous star, one of the top divas during the ‘Golden Age of Hollywood’, appeared in a series of classic movies with her husband, Humphrey Bogart, also a major cinema attraction.

Bacall, with her husky, seducing voice and sultry gaze, also appeared in movies as a lead actress opposite Gregory Peck and John Wayne.

Showing a lighter side, she performed in a comedy movie with Marilyn Monroe.

Her famous line in ‘To Have or Have Not’ – played against Bogart – was voted the 34th greatest movie quotes of all time by the American Film Institute.

Suggesting Bogart’s character might not be as heterosexual as he appeared, she asked him if he could whistle.

When he said he could not, she advised him playfully: ‘Just put your lips together and blow’.

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