Laverne Cox speaks on death of Leelah Alcorn

Sean Weaver

As a guest co-host on The View this week, actor Laverne Cox finally spoke out on the death of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn. After explaining her own attempts at suicide while a youth, Cox went on to discuss the troubles that face transgender young people living in America. She blamed Leelah’s parents for isolating her, which she explained led to Leelah’s death. However, she also sympathised with Leelah’s parents, claiming she didn’t want to ‘demonise’ them.

She criticised the ‘It gets better’ message and explained that the only way it got better was ‘When [she] learned how to reach out and get support, when [she] did the work to truly, truly love [her]self … that’s a lot of work and you can’t do it alone’.

Cox also pointed to a very high statistic that 41% of trans youth have attempted suicide.

Finally, Cox also revealed that her mother is extremely religious, but has been able to come to terms with her daughter’s life.

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Watch the video below to hear the rest of what Cox had to say.

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