5 Fantastic LGBT Songs from Musicals

James Dix

The pop charts might not always show equality of sexuality, musicals however, will always express great interest in LGBT themes. (Plus they are timeless)

If You Were Gay – Avenue Q

Avenue Q, the hilarious puppet musical, tackles issues of race, noisy sex, closeted gay puppets and poverty. The collection of issues is so vast and inclusive that all minority groups can relate.

If You Were Gay, is sung by the characters Nicky and Rod. The closet gay Rod’s a little bit cliché, his favourite book is “Broadway Musicals of the 1940’s” and he pretends to have a girlfriend in Canada. We have all been there, denying our sexuality despite the blatant obviousness of it.

This light hearted track will put a smile on your face.

You and I – Bare

Bare: A Pop Opera, not to be confused with the musical version (the songs are very different). The story follows two gay teenagers in a Catholic boarding school, hiding their sexuality and debating the difficulties of coming out.

The song You and I has innuendos galore:

“How about a baseball bat? – there’s one in my pants” and “Think that you could lend a hand here?”

This musical is still relatively new, and has recently had a run at Greenwich Theatre in London.

The Word of Your Body (Reprise) – Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening made famous for being the musical in which Lea Michele (Glee), had that raunchy sex scene. The out and proud Jonathan Groff starred alongside Lea as main man Melchior. The Musical won 8 Tony Awards and has a fantastic score.

The big gay number lurks at the end of the musical. Hanschen seduces the naïve Ernst and the two German boys share a few kisses. It might not seem revolutionary, but the musical is based on a play set in the late 19th Century.

I’ll Cover You (Reprise) – Rent

One of the most meaningful and sad songs about LGBT characters. Angel, the young drag queen with AIDS dies. Collins, also with AIDS sings at the funeral. The mixture of tunes already established by the musical adds to the feeling of a full life that Angel led.

This is a song which might need some tissues, especially if the song reminds you of the Glee episode ‘The Quarterback’.

If you loved this and want to see more LGBT, watch Rent. There is a great Lesbian couple in the film, Take Me or Leave Me could have easily been another song on this list.

Sweet Transvestite – Rocky Horror Picture Show

The battle for the final number in this countdown was fierce. Turn it Off, from Book of Mormon was close, but the song lacked consistent gay themes. Sweet Transvestite, never fails to make get a response. Immortalised by a fantastic film, our favourite Tran is Dr. Frank N. Furter.

Played by Tim Curry in the film, the character of Frank N. Furter makes a beautiful creature called Rocky. When you go to see the show live, you are always in for a treat. Blonde hair, a tan, a really muscular man? What more can you ask for? Just what the doctor ordered.

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