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Dealing with the gay community at the onset of the HIV/AIDs crisis in the 1980’s the film, The Normal Heart is one of those films that will be tugging at our heart strings for years to come. However some rather candid shots of the film’s star, Matt Bomer, may well leave viewers tugged in other areas.

Bomer, who publicly came out as gay in 2012, and more recently came out as married to his long term partner Simon Halls, has always been something of a pin up. With a smile to die for and a body to inspire sinful thoughts in even the most innocent soul he was always appreciated for his amazing looks as well as his great skill as an actor. Indeed, audiences worldwide had a good old gander of the star of White Collar as he featured as a stripper in the Channing Tatum film Magic Mike.

However, in his latest role Bomer seems to have gone a step further and is showing off yet another asset by sharing some extremely revealing shots of his well sculpted posterior. The images, which show Bomer in bed with co-star Mark Ruffalo, have certainly opened our eyes to a new side of the actor, as he portrays a more vulnerable and intimate character than we are used to seeing. We didn’t need another reason to watch The Normal Heart but then we cannot deny this little bit of extra eye candy does make a good film that much sweeter.

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the normal heart 4

the normal heart 1

the normal heart 2

Wow times like this I really wish I had a boyfriend… that looked like that…

So what do you think chaps, could this be an award winning arse? Tell us what you think!

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