Brian Melzer: Men’s Health’s first trans cover model

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Fitness model Brian Melzer will be making history with the European edition of Men’s Health later this year – as the magazine’s first openly trans male to grace the magazine’s cover.

The news comes following Melzer’s win in the German magazine’s cover model competition. He will feature on the cover of the April edition of Men’s Health.

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In a video posted by NowThis, a distributed media company based in New York City, Melzer said he wanted to use his role as a cover model and the publicity around it to give hope for other individuals who may be struggling with their gender identity.

‘My inside and outside finally fit and that’s why I’m not at all shamed to talk about it… When I was in that situation, I had nobody to talk to, nobody to ask all these questions… That’s what I want to do. I want to give the community a face, stand up and answer those questions for people,’ he said.

The US print of Men’s Health featured similar publicity as Aydian Dowling, a trans male body builder was featured as a cover model in a special edition of the magazine (see below). Dowling was taking part in the 2015 Men’s Health Ultimate Cover Guy Contest and received a tremendous amount of support, making him a frontrunner. He ultimately lost out to competitor Tim Boniface.


For people who cant wait to see Melzer’s cover later this year you can have a look at the model’s Instagram account to get a taste of things to come.

Brian Melzer will be on the European cover of Men’s Health for its April 2016 issue.

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