Music Review: Top 10 Albums of 2022 – Part 2

John Preston

John Preston presents part two of his favourite albums of 2022. Scroll through the pages to find out more.

Part one is available here.

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Beyoncé, Renaissance

There is little dispute that Renaissance is a genuine work of art and genius, and that’s why it’s dominating the end-of-year lists. It is an utterly glorious album with its own language, codes and call-backs, and the patchwork soundscape of house, ballroom, reggaeton, boogie, disco, hip-hop and PC music is as important as its endlessly idiosyncratic lyrics, constantly morphing melodies and audacious vocal performances. Beyoncé’s talent is in making all of this potential chaos hang together so well. With her samples and interpolations, she makes the old feel completely modern and never allows it to veer into nostalgic pastiche or mawkish sentimentality. Beyoncé is the architect of her own career and Renaissance will again confirm what a visionary she continues to be. It’s definitive confirmation of her deep knowledge and love of music – and yes, if there was ever any doubt, of the LGBT+ community too.

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