Poems for Your Fridge: Fierce by Jamal Gerald

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Photo by Leighann Renee

I always knew I was fierce.
I knew how to walk down a street,
get eyes glued to my physique.

My fashion sense is always,
always on point.
You think Naomi Campbell is fierce?

Think again. I’m the definition.
Name plastered under the word
in bold capitals. It is I,

the shy ones envy.
Flashing on their own
when I enter the room,

cameras fall in love with me.
No need to introduce.
I just pose, and they know what to do.

Say what you want.
Be sure to back it up.
I sure as hell do.

Girl, I know I’m male.
But I can show you ladies
a thing or two.

Can’t take the heat? Sasha Fierce
please, take a seat.
Or else, kiss my feet.

Try and beat the fierce one.
Where you think Madonna learnt
how to Vogue?

Watch and learn.
Always been the biggest,
the best at everything.

I got men waiting on speed dial
for me. Cause, Ms. Fabulash Jones
has taken the throne.

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So, my girls always ask me:
‘Do you think you’re fierce?’ I say:
‘I don’t think I’m fierce . . . I know.’

‘Fierce’ and other poems by Jamal Gerald appear in SPOKE: New Queer Voices (Dog Horn Publishing, 2015).

About Jamal Gerald

To some he's a very unusual character. He’s outspoken and loves being in the centre of attention. Jamal just wants his audiences to feel something when reading his work or when they see him perform. Wants them to be fearless when interpreting his art. He wants them to think. @JamiBoii