Razer Kraken Pro Neon – Review

Jake Basford

You may have noticed that for the last week we have been advertising our competition to win a Razer Kraken Neon headset, but while you have been sharing and retweeting, we have been test-driving.

The Neon range is the latest in one of Razer’s foundational headset ranges, the Kraken. Essentially, the Kraken was developed, as most Razer products are, as a functioning gaming headset with special features. In this product’s case it became clear that they were wicked for music lovers too, and so the Kraken 2.0 and e-Panda Hooligan that came out at the end of last year were designed specifically for one set over the other. Their Pride-inspired, rainbow Kraken Neon range seem set to take ravers by storm as they improve on the original design yet again.

First and foremost, the sound quality of all Razer headsets is unbelievably good; they are comfortable wear for extended periods, and easy to store thanks to foldability; and, they look cool – even cooler with this new Neon paintjob. Where the Kraken Neon has improved most, however, is the muffler effect – external sounds are blocked, creating a sort-of village hall effect in the music quality. Like being taken to church and listening to Eli and Fur.

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The Kraken Neon Pro expands by having a microphone that coils out and can be used in-call for phone users (making it easier to pick up the phone when you are walking down the street), or for general use as a gaming headset. Also, courtesy of the Razer sound software available through their website, we imagine that the 3D effect would be amplified immeasurably.

Neon is fashionable trend that has been dipping in and out of style since the 60s, and it is cool to see a tech company embrace its LGBT+ audience by including Pride colours, however, it feels like a slight pander because it is such a large step away from their traditional green and black. This make this headset a great fashion accessory as well as a functional one which will help compliment your style.

If you are a sound expert, a gamer, or just looking for a funky accessory this summer, the Kraken Neon headset range might be right up your alley. You can pick up a pair from the Razer website now or enter our competition to win a set.

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