Star Wars Battlefront Beta – Review

Jake Basford

As you may be aware, Star Wars Battlefront had a beta test running ahead of its release on 17 November (US) and 19 November (UK/EU), so we had a look and a play through. You can check out the videos below to see how we got on, with live commentary from myself and fellow game reviewer Scott McMullon.

Summary: as a newbie to the Star Wars franchise (blasphemy – I know), it was brilliant to find a game that engaged me as someone who is all too familiar with the story from portrayals in other media. The game is exciting, visually appealing, fun, and allows for PvP classic elements that haven’t been seen since World of Warcraft to be re-engineered for a new market.

Whether this is a new push by Disney ahead of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens film, or it is an actual full-throated and meaningful attempt by EA to start properly investigating MMORPGs with the next-gen console, is yet to be seen. We just hope that this is built on in a steady and meaningful way.

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Please note this was recorded last week and that the Beta is now over

You can pre-order Star Wars Battlefront in all editions from the EA store or from Amazon

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