Snoop Dogg threated with lawsuit over homophobic ridicule

Reggie Myers

A look at Snoop Dogg’s Instagram will tell you the rapper likes to crack jokes. Some are funny while some are offensive. He has even taken pot shots at celebrities like Iggy Azalea comparing her looks to those of Shawn and Marlon Wayans in White Chicks. It appears, however, that Tha Doggfather may have messed with the wrong one this time.

According to TMZ, Snoop Dogg may soon face a lawsuit from Cortez Booze, a gay man Snoop Dogg posted a picture of six days ago for the purpose of public ridicule.


The picture, which was posted on Instagram, was captioned ‘Whose auntcle is this?’

The picture received many comments, many of which included homophobic and/or transphobic sentiments and slurs, such as ‘shemale’ and ‘faggot’.

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Booze reported the photo to Instagram and apparently plans to get a lawyer in order to bring a lawsuit against the West Coast rapper.

This is not the first time Snoop Dogg has been called out for homophobia. According to Pink News, he called someone a ‘fag’ after posting a picture of the man in bed with his boyfriend.

He also upset the lesbian community after posting a photo of a lesbian couple that was pregnant with a baby. The caption of the meme read, ‘She really thinks the baby is hers’, accompanied with a laughing emoji.

Boi Society Magazine responded with the #MyFamilyIsGay hastag as a response and to give lesbian couples a chance to show off their families in a show of love and protest.

While I am not surprised by Snoop’s actions, I find it interesting how quickly he forgot about how he was ridiculed last March when pictures of him wearing french tip nails showed up on the internet (#neverforget).

To date, Snoop Dogg’s camp has not made an official statement on the matter.

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