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As much as I love Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and One Direction (okay, maybe NOT One Direction) I do find myself looking for something a little bit… different. With this in mind, I have devised a short “alternative” playlist, showing some of the best music out there right now that doesn’t fall into the pop/dance category. Be it house, dubstep or hip-hop, hopefully there’ll be something new here you’ll like.

Ben Pearce – What I Might Do

This song was originally released last year but was re-released a few weeks back. Comprising of a pounding deep house beat and silky smooth vocals, it’s a very impressive debut. So far charting at #7 in the UK, What I Might Do has certainly marked Ben Pearce out as one to watch. Its video is simple but fun, showcasing a wide number of people dancing along to the track, perhaps to show it’s accessible to anyone and everyone? Hurt is also worth a listen.

Breach – Everything You Never Had (We Had It All) feat. Andreya Triana

Breach certainly needs no introduction; he released his debut album way back in 2007 and followed it up in 2011, but 2013 has seen a big change to house music. There’s also no denying how big a tune Jack was; it was insanely catchy with an insanely crazy video, but Everything You Never Had is a much better follow up. It features vocals from soul singer Andreya Triana and a simple, head-bopping beat. Breach is going to be as big as, if not bigger, than Disclosure. Watch this space.

Fly Panda – Face Drop

Dubstep and hip-hop crossover band Fly Panda recently released their new single Face Drop, an in-your-face tune that perfectly marries their multitude of genres. The raps are slick and the beat is rather refined compared to the rest of their EP but the song has high praise from the likes of Nicole Sherzinger, DJ White Shadow and Cody Simpson, Austrailia’s answer to Justin Bieber. To promote the song Fly Panda have created a rather epic mini-film that features a money tree and a rich panda. Weirdly, it makes sense.

Friend Within – The Renegade

If you like dance and house music you’ll love The Renegade by new DJ Friend Within. The simple, recurring beat throughout is insanely catchy and I challenge any one of you not to dance along to the beat. You’ll find it hard not too! As catchy as the beat and the vocals are, it’s the little bursts of house that gets me excited about this DJ. I can’t wait to hear more from him!

Klangkarussell – Sonnettanz (Sun Don’t Shine) feat. Will Heard

Sonnettanz is a song I’ve heard over and over recently but I’ve only just learnt what exactly it is. After originally being released way back in 2011, the song has bit the big spot across Europe with the help of Will Heard providing some fresh vocals. Sonnettanz is hypnotic and Heard’s vocals blend effortlessly with the sublime beat.

Zebra Katz – Ima Read

If you want something a little more current I suggest you listen to It’s My Party by Icona Pop, which features New York rapper Zebra Katz, but Ima Read is by far his biggest song so far. I saw Zebra Katz when he supported Azealia Banks last October and I fell in love then and there. His rapping is harsh, over simple hip-hop beats and it caught my attention instantly. He’s beginning to make a name for himself over here and it’s completely worthy.

Avec – Disappearer feat. Jake Shears

Featuring Jake Shears unmistakable voice, Disappearer is a gem of a song I found quite by chance but I fell in love with it instantly. It reminded me of Self Control from Scissor Sisters fourth album Magic Hour. Simple but seductive house beats play over a funky vocal resulting in something addictive and completely compelling.

Disclosure – Apollo

Following the incredible success of their début album earlier this year, Disclosure have unveiled a new song titled Apollo which is just as smooth and just as seductive as the rest of their stellar introduction. Similar to most of their other songs Apollo starts slow and warps into a repetitive deep beat that is destined to get beneath your skin and make you dance. It’s sure to be another massive hit for the relative newcomers.

Aiden – Satisfy Me feat. Thaddaeus Tribbett

X-Factor alumni (and my personal favourite artist from that dragging show) Aiden (now no longer Aiden Grimshaw) follows up The Way We Are which was released a few months back with Satisfy Me, a moody, sleazy and compelling track which is quite a change of pace from his fantastic debut album last year. He’s certainly came a long way from the days of old. People seriously need to rediscover him and give him the recognition he deserves.

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