#WATCH: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst ‘I Am Faith’ Trailer

Samuel Alexander

Faith is back for another free-running adventure in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The latest trailer shows us that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be a much more involved and dramatised experience than its predecessor.

The moment the trailer begins you can see that this is going to be a beautiful game. The city of Glass sprawls out below Faith and far off into the horizon. The stylised city is softly lit by the rising sun in the distance.

Players of the original game will remember Faith as a rather stoic protagonist, never really letting us get a glimpse of her vulnerable side and batting us away with sarcastic quips and smirks. But within fifteen seconds of this trailer we see a Faith with an expression of uncertainty and sadness – she’s told she is ‘broken’ and she certainly looks it.

It looks promising that this time around we’ll have a much more relatable, human character (that can leap huge gaps between buildings). Faith doesn’t seem half as agreeable as she did in Mirror’s Edge either. She’s shown to lash out against her comrades in the trailer, and we’re given the impression that she often deliberately disobeys orders. It’s a very welcome contrast to the calm and collected Faith of Mirror’s Edge that simply did what she was told.

Though there were other characters alongside Faith in Mirror’s Edge, the first game felt somehow empty. In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst there’s a whole cast of runners who, judging by this trailer, will be heavily involved in the story. Even better – there appears to be a lot of diversity to the cast. In fact, white characters seem to actually be a minority in the main cast. It’ll be interesting to see if this somehow ties into the story, but either way it’s nice to see the writers diversifying the cast.

Whilst the first Mirror’s Edge game was an exhilarating experience, I found myself wanting much more in the story department. We’ve already been told and shown that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will address the linearity of the first game, but this trailer shows that without a doubt we’ll have a substantial story to go with it this time around. I can’t wait to step back into Faith’s running shoes.

Check out the trailer below:

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