Weekly Fumes : 4160 Tuesdays – A Kiss by the Fireside

John Preston

I’ve dithered around for long enough with selecting my first scent to write about which is created by brilliant UK perfume brand 4160 Tuesdays so I’ve gone with my joint favourite (although, I actually have three): A Kiss by the Fireside.

Company founder and perfumer Sarah McCartney has spoilt me for choice with her wondrous creations and in the process she has also reinstalled my faith in so-called niche perfumery.

A Kiss by the Fireside is a smoky but airy, comforting huff of intoxicating and warming seasonal pleasures. Clove, cinnamon and woods swirl together enticingly in this beautiful blend and the floral notes of lavender and rose provide support rather than leading the symphony.

The dry-down some three hours later is of very gentle musks and incense – it is relaxing and sublime. Word has it that the cinnamon oil used in the fragrance could become a banned substance in line with the dreaded EU regs, or at least may only be used in severely reduced amounts. Along with the other-worldly clove note ( which you’ll either love or loathe ) and the guaiac wood, this is the essential dominant note that contributes to its nuzzly magnificence – so smell it now or maybe miss out forever!

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The perfume is similar in structure to some other orientals (although I’ve heard Fireside also referred to as a ‘cologne’ or a fougere but I would beg to differ), but I know of no other scent that could be called its identical twin. It’s more friendly and reassuring than its Serge Lutens or Comme des Garçon cousins but no less interesting.

I’ve spoken already of my love of autumn and 4160 Tuesdays has just given me another reason to luxuriate in the most glorious of seasons with A Kiss by the Fireside being the perfect companion.

The sillage is moderate and longevity is around five hours (get one of the company’s brilliant mini-sized bottles to refresh around afternoon coffee time). Although this may swing more to the masculine side, it’s not overtly butch and I’m certain there are some women who might enjoy swapping their Cinnabar for this.

4160 Tuesdays, A Kiss by the Fireside Eau de Parfum, 30ml £40, 50ml £60 and 100ml £90

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