Weekly Fumes: Kerbside Violet by Lush

John Preston

Last week I smelt a ridiculously exclusive fragrance that was not quite as it seemed when reliant on marketing hyperbole only (never a good idea). It had a pretty specific name for a perfume, two distinct and extravert notes formed the title, but smelt of anything but. It may have been a complete delight – I in fact loved it- but it’s not my weekly fume. In contrast Kerbside Violet by Lush, available on almost any high street, smelt precisely of what the albeit abstract and intriguing label on the bottle implied.

Maybe not surprisingly and right from the get-go, this is not a particularly pretty violet. The floral accord here is unmistakable and vibrant, but it is very green and grounded with lots of muddy earth. Notes also include jasmine, ylang ylang and rosewood oil.

It doesn’t go as far as incorporating a concrete accord but urban violet is a good description of this feisty green-floral. It stays relatively linear on my skin and becomes more powdery and less jagged the longer it’s on – the dry-down not coming until some three hours after application and the violet can be still be smelt after a full day. Sillage is moderate to good.

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Excellent value for money like all of Lush’s fragrances, Kerbside Violet is an outstanding example of the brand’s ability to create innovative and interesting scents. You may not like them all, and there are many which I would prefer never to smell again, but you will find a favourite amongst their massive collection.

Any gender can wear this perfume and fans of Parma Violets will still find a slightly perverse interpretation of a childhood thrill here.

Kerbside Violet by Lush, £18 for 10ml, £36 for 30ml and £9 for 12mg solid perfume.

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