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During the hectic goings on of Manchester Pride, the wonderful Victoria ‘Little Boots’ Hesketh spared five minutes for a catch up with Vada. I know that’s something that every interview begins with, but in this case it’s really true. Our interview had been rescheduled, but in the Pride madness someone had forgot to let her know, so I interrupted her in the middle of putting her make up on. She was gracious nevertheless and keen to speak to us.

When asked her first memories of pride, Victoria remembered doing Manchester back in 2009.

‘It was a really, really special show, so we were thrilled to come back and do it again.’ Thinking of growing up in Blackpool, she couldn’t remember if a trip to Blackpool Pride ever happened, commenting, ‘It feels like pride every weekend.’

In fact she had just arrived in Manchester having done Sink the Pink for Kent Pride the night before. ‘I’ve done a double pride weekend,’ she explained.

Thinking of double pride weekends, I couldn’t help but remember that back in 2009 she was also doing Leeds and Reading festival.

‘Yeah I did, and when I got here I had this dress that was like a big rainbow cape. So we ran to Primark and got all these different rainbow coloured clothes so that we could be a rainbow on stage.’  Clearly this is a girl who is ready to party and co-ordinate at the drop of a hat.

Serious #TBT to last time we played #ManchesterPride can’t wait to return this Sunday! 🌈

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Knowing that she was returning to her uni days stomping ground of Leeds (and knowing that I had tickets to see her) I wanted to know what the difference was between her own shows and being at something like this.

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‘I’m much more indulgent at my own shows, especially with this new album that I’ve done, Working Girl – it’s quite visual and with a loose concept through the whole thing. I really wanted to make that come to life in the live shows.’

Thinking about the other celebrities at Manchester Pride, Victoria got excited about Atomic Kitten next door and sharing a stage with Dannii Minogue. I got awfully confused here, as I was unaware she was sharing the stage with Dannii. I asked if they were doing a double act. ‘Oh, I wish! If she wants to get in touch, I’d be game’.

After her appearance at Manchester, she was due to head back up North for a homecoming at Blackpool. In a jovial mood she told me how she was going to be switching on Blackpool Illuminations. ‘This is my childhood dream. I can basically retire now.’

Commenting on her almost never ending schedule she signs off with ‘I’m a working girl, we never get days off. I hate days off – I’ll have one when I’m dead.’

Little Boots’ new album Working Girl is available Now, Read the review here.

For anyone who fancies popping along to see her perform live in Leeds (and at the same time to say hi to me) tickets are available here.

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