Winston McKenzie evicted from Celebrity Big Brother 17

Daniel Wren

Well, we called it, folks. Winston McKenzie has been booted off Celebrity Big Brother 17 after every housemate except Jeremy McConnell voted him off.

This comes after yesterday’s comments by Union J member Jaymi Hensley (swoon) and HIV/LGBT activist Philip Christopher Baldwin lambasted the former UKIP candidate and London mayoral hopeful for his homophobic comments. Perhaps to make things less of a dead cert, CBB opted to make housemates select the first evictee, rather than the public – but still Winston’s fate was sealed.

Winston was nominated alongside Nancy Dell’Olio and Kristina Rihanoff. They were nominated by Stephanie Davis, Jeremy McConnell and Scotty T on Thursday night, when CBB ruled that they had to make the decision and not the public.

As well as refusing to share a bed with another man in the House, Winston had said in his entry video, ‘I could cope with a homosexual in the house – I guess I’ll just have to stand with my back against a brick wall all the time.’

In response, Jaymi, speaking to Vada Magazine yesterday, said, ‘I don’t think I have ever felt like this about someone! I am so disgusted that a human being like this exists! With clearly no respect for women the way he is letching over Tiffany and Nancy and his disgraceful comments about gay people and his blatant homophobia! If he thinks he stands the slightest chance of ever becoming mayor of London he is sorely mistaken! Wake up darling!’

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He was joined in criticising Winston by campaigner Philip Christopher Baldwin, who tweeted about the eviction:

Complaints against Winston had doubled from Monday to Tuesday, according to Ofcom, and fans took to Twitter to highlight his past comments.

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