11 million British men reveal skirt envy

Drag artist La Voix launches Barefoot Wine’s ‘National Wear
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Half of Brits feel constrained by the clothes that society expects them to wear. More than 1 in 3 men in the UK have admitted to being envious of their female colleagues’ wardrobes, with 23 per cent of British men revealing they have considered wearing high heels to feel more confident during the working day.

Specifically, two-thirds of the male population believe it is unfair that women can wear a skirt whilst it is deemed socially unacceptable for men, according to research by Barefoot Wine. Women also feel strongly about the issue, with over 4 out of 5 females keen to see a culture change so that people feel more free to wear what they want.

In response, Barefoot Wine has teamed up with internationally renowned drag artist La Voix to launch ‘National Wear What You Want Day’ tomorrow (Thursday 10 September) to encourage the nation to embrace the clothing it wants to wear.

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The day has been inspired by the LGBT community, which Barefoot Wine has supported for almost 30 years, to encourage people in the UK to express themselves through their clothes and increase their work productivity in the process.

Drag artist La Voix launches Barefoot Wine’s ‘National Wear

World-famous drag artist La Voix commented: ‘To me it’s no surprise that a quarter of British men would consider wearing high heels to make them feel taller and more confident – who can blame them?

‘Whatever the nation chooses to wear, I am certain that this day will be a huge success. I’m delighted to be teaming up with Barefoot Wine and hope the work we have done inspires everyone across the country to dress in whatever they want come September 10th.’

To encourage the nation to wear what they want this month, and celebrate the launch of the new national day, an interactive fancy dress box will be travelling to London on Thursday 10 September and Birmingham on Friday 11 September.

Try on the clothes you have always wanted to wear and share your images on Twitter using #WearingNotCaring, whilst enjoying a glass of Barefoot Wine and raising a toast to inclusivity!

To get involved in the conversation and share images of your outfit on ‘Wear What You Want Day’ by tweeting @BarefootWineUK using #WearingNotCaring.

To find out even more visit BarefootWine.co.uk and facebook.co.uk/BarefootWineUK.

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