5 beauty resolutions to make in 2019

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New Year, new leaf – and if you want, a whole new chapter.

Something in the air is different when a new year looms around the corner. Something that gives us newfound confidence, hope, and firm belief that we can do better and be better next year.

It applies to major decisions in life as well as those seemingly small, yet still important, choices such as the beauty part of our lives. So, let’s see which beauty mistakes we will vow not to repeat, which good practices we’ll adopt, and which new beauty rules we will adhere to.

#1 – Thou shalt always remove makeup

Whether you love wearing makeup or simply wear it because you deem it appropriate to appear in public with at least a little bit of it, once you come home, no matter how tired you are, you will start removing your makeup.

It’s 2019 and it’s really high time this paramount skincare rule sunk in.

You are literally fresh out of excuses as there are now tons of ways to remove makeup, from micellar waters, butter cleansers and, for the laziest of us, the easiest and most convenient tool of all – makeup removing wipes.

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While on the subject, thou shall also clean makeup tools. Do you know the number of bacteria on you brushes and makeup sponges? Brushes should be cleaned weekly, sponges after every use – no excuses!

#2 – Thou shalt love thy skin

If you haven’t been notified, this has officially been the year of the skin, and judging by all the beauty forecasts, the next one will be equally as focused on finding that natural glow.

So move it, and go scouting for the best products for your skin type and concerns. Makeup should be something to play with – to make you stand out and feel proud – and not something to hide behind.

There are amazing and innovative topical solutions such as toners, retinol products, mighty serums, and moisturisers that cater to every skin type, so choose wisely and be diligent.

Every morning and every night is skincare routine time. Again – no excuses.

#3 – Thou shalt take a natural route

We all want cartoon lashes that can physically blow people away if we bat them enough. So what do we usually do when we want to dazzle with a look to kill? We resort to falsies.

And while there’s nothing wrong with that, wouldn’t it be better to find a great eyelash growth serum (I recommend Poni Lash Brow Serum), do our due diligence, and actually get the real, voluminous lashes that we’ve been dreaming of?

Natural beauty beats artificial every time, so instead of faking it, why not make it? Many can rely on these growth serums, and the beauty industry has come a long way and has delivered on numerous promises – so perhaps this is another one.

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#4 – Thou shalt play with colour

Rich and luscious burnt orange, nude and saturated pinks, plums, and even emeralds and navy hues are the colours of the season. So step out of the neutral ‘earthy-toned’ box and come play with some colour.

From high-end to drugstore beauty companies, every brand has come out with its own version of the perfect makeup palette full of colourful mattes, glitters, and duochrome shadows – so take a swim and try them. You’ll never know whether you love a certain colour until you see it on your face, so be a little daring and experiment.

#5 – Thou shalt make a major change

We know you’ve been eyeing different hair colours and cuts on Pinterest, and have spent the year on-and-off wondering whether you should take the plunge, get that Instagram-silver hair or cut it all off and become an edgy and fierce pixie girl.

If you’ve been thinking about it so much, why don’t you just do it? People often fail to understand that it’s just hair.

If you end up hating the colour, you can always dye it back to the way it was. If you hate the cut – so what? It will grow back.

Our Spidey sense is telling us there’s a good chance you’ll love the change, if for nothing else than for the sake of the change itself.

Take the plunge – it’s not surgery, it’s a hairstyle. If you hate it, you can make a new resolution for 2020 – never dye your hair again and be done with it.

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Be bold this coming year. Accept yourself and own that makeup – whether you simply touch up or go all-out Halloween queen. Makeup is a tool, and it should be a friend – so no more suffering for fashion. Look after your skin, look after yourself, and look after your makeup kit!

P.S.: No more overworked eyebrows. Everyone knows they’re not yours, and what’s so good about looking like every other contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race anyway?

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