5 birthday gift ideas for your hipster boyfriend

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The season of gifts never ends. It’s either Christmas or Valentine’s Day, but even when it’s not, there are anniversaries, birthdays and other occasions for which you simply have to or want to give a present to someone very special to you.

And yes, the process of choosing the right present for your boyfriend can be very nerve-wracking. What does he need? What does he think of this? What if he doesn’t like it?

But let’s be honest – nothing is as difficult as choosing the present for a hipster boyfriend. You might think he would like anything that’s retro or not used very often, but the truth is far from that. Take a look at our top gift choices for your hipster boyfriend.

For bookworms

Getting a book for someone is an excellent present, provided that the person you’re buying the gift for is a keen reader, and that you know what kind of books they like to read. If your boyfriend is one of them, then you should definitely know the type of books he enjoys.

The thing you could do is go online, browse different websites, and find the most original book you can. If he likes astrology, for example, find a non-fiction book that tackles this issue, or if he’s into sports, you can find a non-fiction book about the history of sports. There are so many options and so many great books, that you simply have to find something great.

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For drinkers

You want to have a quiet night in with your boyfriend but he wants to bring along a bottle of booze? Then he’s a drinker, and the perfect gift for him would be something that he would enjoy drinking but still doesn’t have the chance to very often.

If this is your option, you can be eco-friendly, and choose a bottle of orange wine that he will enjoy. Having sustainable wines at home is becoming very popular, especially for hipsters. They also adore eco-friendly things, and if he likes to drink wine on top of that – you’re probably looking at the best gift of his life.

For people who love to experiment

Another extremely original gift for anyone who’s a beer drinker + a hipster is a beer making kit, so that your hipster boyfriend can produce his own type of beer that will carry your name. Imagine that!

Anyway, a beer making kit is a perfect present – it’s funny, original, thoughtful AND it can be financially rewarding sometime in the future, if everything goes according to plan (fingers crossed). Before you buy this gift, though, make sure to know all the essential things each beer kit should have – such as a 5-gallon kettle, sanitizer and a fermenting bucket with lid.

For modern retro lovers

Another extremely original and unique gift (that’s not for everyone – but then again, you’re dating a hipster so he will definitely like it) is a smartphone projector. This market has exploded in the recent years, and for a good reason.

You can look at your photographs in a very retro Lana Del Rey style, on a blank wall you have in your apartment, or even play your favorite music videos or watch movies. They are not very expensive, and yet are so much fun.

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For artists

If your guy is an artist on the go – either a sketcher, a wannabe tattoo artist or a graphic designer, then you could get him a small notebook or sketchbook he will be able to use anytime he wishes. There are amazing designs for sketchbooks, and if you get him one that’s very high-quality and cute, it could be a great present.

You can also opt for Moleskine sketchbooks, as they are of excellent quality and they are very minimalistic, which hipsters adore. Add a couple of ballpoint pens that he could use for the sketchbook and there you go. You will not only show that you respect and support his artistic side, but that you’re thoughtful and original as well.

No matter how daunting the gift choosing process might be, you should really enjoy trying to find the best and most original present for your hipster boyfriend. After all, we adore hipsters because of their diversity. They even make this endeavour very interesting!

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