6 chic wedding decoration ideas to steal

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Congratulations on setting a date for your big ‘I dos’! Now that your engagement has finally sunk in, it’s time to get started with wedding planning.

Among all other things that you may want to get done perfectly – your invites, the catering, giveaways, etc. – your wedding decor is undoubtedly one of the most important. After all, the wedding decoration is what sets the overall theme and mood of any wedding.

It doesn’t matter if you’re having an outdoor wedding, a small reception in a restaurant or hotel ballroom, or a big party in a more lavish venue – whatever the place, there are always many ways to make your wedding look chic.

Decorate your wedding to make it a classy and elegant soiree with these tips.

1. Use Christmas lights 

Christmas lights (AKA ‘fairy lights’, appropriately enough) aren’t just for Christmas. They can also be used for any occasion.

Many homeowners elect to hang up Christmas trees on their terraces, gardens, and backyards all year round for the added cosy feel of small string lights. Manchester’s LGBT Village has fairy lights strung among the trees on Canal Street and it makes the evenings look magical.

Christmas lights can also be used as elegant and chic wedding décor. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you can string them from the roof edges, to tree branches, and even around the trunks of trees to bring the stars closer to you.

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If you’re having an indoor wedding, Christmas lights can be hung from the ceiling, or along fabrics or tapestries, as alternative lighting. (But it’s still a great idea to keep regular lighting too!)

See these wedding trends to get inspired with what the right lighting elements can do to make your space look better.

2. Bring the outdoors in

Let’s say both you and your partner love plants. But with the weather not permitting, you opted to have your wedding indoors to play it safe.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t recreate that garden feel inside your venue. You can bring the outdoors in by having plants and lots of greens all around!

Plants are an all-round fix, especially when you want a garden-themed or a chic-rustic-themed wedding. You can work with your decorator or florist to incorporate plants and flowers in your table setting, aisle, and all other design elements in your wedding decor. You can even put a bit of green around the buffet table!

3. Bring in certain items from your home

This third tip applies if you’re only decorating a small venue and you, as a couple, have a well-decorated home. You can make your wedding feel more ‘you’ and personal when you bring in familiar items from your home to your wedding venue.

For instance, think of lights, candle holders, rugs, plants, frames, signboards, or whatever it is that represents you as a couple.

When you do this, not only does your wedding become chicer and more elegant, but you could also save some of your budget for more important items.

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You’re spending less when you don’t have to rent or buy so many wedding decorations, as you’re maximizing what you have at home. Plus, this can make for great DIY wedding ideas too!

4. Use feathers

Feathers have become a new trick up wedding decorators’ sleeves to add and extra dimension to any wedding décor.

Typically, you’ll want to place these with flowers in vases on table settings, wedding aisles, entryways, buffet corners, or wherever you want to place feathers.

Just be sure that the size of the feathers complements the space you’re trying to decorate with it – ostrich feathers can help if you have high vaulted ceilings but might be too much a smaller space. The colours should match too.

5. Choose fun linen

Why limit yourself only to plain tablecloths when you can go for fun fabrics? These linens can make your entire decoration look more cohesive rather than just keeping it plain.

For instance, if you’re having a shabby chic rustic wedding, floral linens are that icing on top of the cake to make your wedding decorations look a lot better.

6. Add candles

Add candles – a lot of them! There’s nothing classier and more romantic in a wedding than to have a tonne of candles.

If real candles are too hard to keep up with, you can ask your planner for LED candles that come in all shapes and sizes. It’s guaranteed to add warmth and intimacy to your wedding venue with the play of lights in the space.

Just imagine your candles on the tables, plus the lights draped on the ceiling or around the trees—your wedding will simply look magical.

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Now that you’ve got these tips, you can finally get started decorating your dream wedding. As you can see, there are many things that you can do to make your wedding look great and feel elegant, chic, and classy.

Plus, many of these tips are also easy on the wallet. So even if you’re working with a budget, you can still have a well-decorated wedding venue.

Lastly, make sure that your wedding decorations complement you and your partner’s personality and dream. This is, after all, your wedding – a magical event that happens only once in your life.

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