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Just over three weeks ago I touched back down in the UK to bitterly cold temperatures and my skin was the first thing to notice the change.

Having been living in Hong Kong for almost 3 months, I had grown used to warm climates, with my skin overly exposed to harsh UV rays and extremely muggy conditions. Due to the heat I had continuous breakouts and often unwanted flare ups.

The cold UK conditions were a welcome break. However, as we hit winter at full speed, the other downside I have to worry about is the effect central heating has on my skin.

At such times I always invest in the amazing products by Dermalogica. A well established brand, they pride themselves on being able to cater to all skin conditions/types. I often have combination skin, however through winter, I tend to migrate to more of a dry skin type. This is when I have to lock in as much moisture as I can, through my moisturiser and cleanser.

Most lower grade cleansers are harsh and strip the skin of excess sebum/oil, leaving the skin a lot drier and prone to breakouts when a moisturiser is applied. However Dermalogica use only the best possible and considered ingredients, to ensure that this isn’t how their  products work.

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What Dermalogica do best is create light products that wont clog the skin and also deliver in achieving hydrated and beautiful skin. Investing in these products is your first step to tackling any blemish issues or rectifying a certain skin type that you want to balance out.

Using a lower-grade brand can often do more harm to the skin, due the often perfumed/heavy nature of the product. With Dermalogica you get a luxury product that is worth the investment – after all, a price cannot be placed on having beautiful skin.


Recently  I tried the limited edition active moist set, comprising a hydrating cleanser, moisturiser and cleansing mitt. Having never used a cleansing mitt before, I did wonder what the sensation would be like and if it would work with the products. I needn’t have worried as the ergonomically designed mitt fits over the tips of your fingers and allows you to really work in the products.

The generous sized honeycomb structure allows the products to be buffed into the skin, while the rubber mitt helps to gently pull away the impurities. The dermal clay cleanser should be used first and promises to remove excess oils and refine skin texture, through ingredients such as Bentonite and Kaolin clay.

As with most of the Dermalogica products the formula wasn’t heavily scented (not much scent at all). It has a thick yet lightly whipped texture, and left my skin feeling soft and noticeably fresher.

The next step is to use the active moist, which is a lightweight moisturiser, helping to balance the skin without using any oils to do so. The product is so light it’s almost like you’re massaging water into your skin.

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With a gorgeous light scent and ultra hydrating quality, it left my skin feeling plump, fresh and toned.

At the moment the two products and mitt can be purchased as part of a fantastic set, which is ideal for personal indulgence or as a lovely gift for Christmas. I have once again been extremely pleased and astounded by how great the products work with my skin, with very minimal effort on my part.

I would highly recommend these to anyone wanting to pep up their skin routine, or simply looking to make a life-long investment in gorgeous skin – Dermalogica is quite simply the best skin care expert on the market.

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