Essence Jelly Nail Polish Remover – This week’s treat for your nails costs just £2.80 and smells of pineapple

Emma Li

This week’s standout beauty product is the Essence Jelly Nail Polish Remover – a perfect beauty essential for travelling.

Available from Wilko’s, the Essence Jelly Nail Polish Remover is ideal for those who constantly change their nail look, even when on the go.

Thanks to its gel-like texture, the alluring pineapple-scented jelly nail polish remover won’t spill out of its travel-size bottle – so nail polish can even be removed on the plane without attracting unwanted attention.

Another great product available is the Essence Strong Hardener Nail Treatment – guaranteed to strengthen and harden nails as well as adding a high-gloss finish.

These products are perfect for the budding drag queen and the professional business person on the go. Priced at just £2.80, it’s a product you’ll have to lay your claws on.

Get it from Wilko’s now.

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