EXCLUSIVE: avaj’s new ‘Jet’ range

Jake Basford

When we reviewed the products of the avaj Grooming Gear in May, we noted that there was a heavy investment in sandalwood scented products and that they may not be the best match for all types of gay man, as it is a very specific fragrance. Since then they have been working on a new line of their moisturisers, the Spray Mist Body Moisturiser and the Opulent Body Butter called ‘Jet’ – featuring a very fresh, citrus-based fragrance.

Ultimately what you find as you start to incorporate moisturisers into your bathroom routines is that each scented moisturiser needs to be able to play off of the scent you wish to wear that evening, and whether a Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Le Male works with a musky moisturiser can sometimes be as important as the outfit. Gone are the days of smelling like a whore-house, where shampoo, body wash, moisturiser and aftershave all came with different smells – we can now synch everything so that scents can play off each other elegantly.

With very little difference to their sandalwood equivalents, the Jet Spray Mist Body Moisturiser is as quick to absorb as its counterpart, but there is a noticeable difference in the consistency of the Opulent Jet Body Butter as it managed to survive the Royal Mail post without breaking down in anyway. And at the same price, at £17 each, it is literally a showdown on which will be your preference.

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In terms of the exact nature of smell, the most comparable one I could find was the White Musk Sport from Body Shop – a fresh, citrus-based fragrance that I have been using for years as a good basic because of price. It is far cheaper than bigger name brands, you can usually get a discount with a Body Shop discount card (and you probably have a friend who has one of those – if only for the birthday discount), and it comes in handy gift packages for your relatives to give you as an easy Christmas/birthday present (although if anyone gets me it again I will kill them because the body wash brings me out in a rash – darn sensitive skin!).

According to Joe Goddard at avaj, ‘The scent is cedar bergamot and we named it Jet after our Yorkshire roots (Whitby jet black stone), which also ties into us soon to be releasing all the underwear in black with a new improved label.’ So keep an eye on their website for more information on when you can purchase it.

You can buy avaj moisturiser and other grooming products through their website.

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