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Now the Near Year Celebrations have calmed down (just) it’s time to give your hair a little TLC. Here we give you our top reviving hair products that could just do the trick for your hair!

White Hot Range

RRP £12-14 – Available from 

Aimed at those with white and grey hair, the White Hot Range guarantees that this year you’ll be looking fabulous. With a wide range of products that will suit all hair styles and length, those with grey hair can rejoice and embrace their natural hair!

The Shooshing Cream is definitely something that I would recommend as it gave my hair some much needed volume and style with very little effort involved. However, when using White Truffle, please refrain from eating your own hair. It smells that good!


SKINEffect Hydrating Shampoo

RRP £7.99 – Available from Lloyds Pharmacy

This gentle shampoo works with the natural pH of your hair to ensure that it looks at its best every day. Gentle enough to use every day, this shampoo is great for those who want a quick rinse and go, but they still want to look ‘done’.

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Perfect for a quickie in the shower, this shampoo will leave your hair soft and smooth with the scent lasting all day.

ZUZKA Sugar Kane Sculpting Spritz

RRP £10.99 – Available from 

Using flax protein and Vitamin E to protect this Sculpting Spritz helps to soften and protect the hair meaning your hair will be in better condition in the long term. I saw this product as more of a leave in heat protectant whilst giving the hair slightly more hold as I applied to damp hair before blow drying and found it to work an absolute treat.

Manuka Doctor ApiRevive Restorative Hair Mask

RRP £19.99 – Available from 

With Manuka honey and Manuka oil you will be all Manuka’d up with this product from Manuka Doctor.

When first receiving this I was a bit apprehensive, as it felt incredibly heavy on the hair and like it would be a pain to wash out. However, I was wrong – so very wrong.

Once my hair was rinsed out and towel dry, it felt absolutely incredible. It was easier to style, felt stronger and just looked in better condition. I would highly recommend it.

Hemp Hair Treatment Conditioner

Dr Organic Hemp Oil Intensive Conditioning Hair Mask

RRP £11.99 – Available from Holland and Barret

The Dr Organic Hemp Oil Intensive Conditioning Hair Mask is a great hair mask for those who want softer hair and a treatment that doesn’t feel too heavy on the hair.

Great if you have a bad scalp, which I suffer from, this hair mask is fantastic at nourishing the hair root to tip.

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Roots - high res

Roots Scalp Treatment

RRP £10.75 – Available from

Roots is a product that I couldn’t be without. Enriched with mint and avocado butter this treatment is great for those who want a bit of volume as well as giving their scalp some love and attention.

Whilst not a reviving product, per se, this scalp treatment never fails to give me a tingle in the right direction with its intoxicatingly addictive fragrance that will leave you fresh and revived for the year ahead.

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