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Nuthing, the vegan-friendly, cruelty-free hair removal brand has launched its range of hair removal products.

Nuthing, a new brand to the UK, has launched their hair removal products: Shimmer Hair Removal Jelly and Shimmer Shave & Shower Sorbet. Home beauty treatments (including to maintain body hair regimes) are part of our lifestyle, and particularly during the lockdown experienced in the UK we have found these beauty regimes to be an important way to give ourselves a self-care boost.

Nuthing’s products aim to offer something different to the usual odorous hair-removal products, making hair removal a more enjoyable experience that encourages users to ‘show it off as you take it off’. In bright colour tubes of pink, blue and yellow, the products are infused with non-plastic shimmer and available in 3 fruity fragrances – Strawberry and Watermelon, Pineapple and Coconut and Blueberry and Passionfruit. At Vada, we tried a couple of products from the new Nuthing range:

Shimmer Hair Removal Jelly, 150ml (£9.99)

The Shimmer Hair Removal Jelly is a hair removal cream that produces hair-free, smooth skin with Nuthing’s vitamin enriched shimmer Jellies. Suitable for legs, arms, bikini and underarms, the product is enriched with real fruit goodness and natural vitamins. We tested the pineapple & coconut Shimmer Jelly on our legs, finding the product provided results as good as our usual hair removal creams, from 5 minutes (depending on hair thickness). This epilation jelly does glitter, but we did note the scent does not completely disguise the smell of the hair removal chemical.

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The bright packaging has a grab-and-go feel, a product that can easily be taken on a trip (when travelling rules are relaxed again), rather than hair-removal feeling like an ordeal that one has to go through.

Shimmer Shave & Shower Sorbet, 150ml (£6.99)

Shimmer Shave & Shower Sorbet is can be used in the shower, which helps save a few minutes if in a rush. The formula can be applied to damp skin for a close shave without irritation and the skin-kind moisturising formula delicately cleanses, leaving your skin soft and smooth (though we still moisturised afterwards). The product is paraben and sulphate-free and packaged in a naturally-derived, sugarcane tube.

The passionfruit & blueberry sorbet is well scented to the point where it smells almost edible. We found the product quick to use, and worked well on chest hair in and out of the shower.

Nuthing also have a Shimmer Hair Removal Wax, which we have not yet tried.

Nuthing’s hair removal range is available from Superdrug stores and available directly from Nothing at

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