Perfect Body Lotions for Spring/Summer 2016

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Summer is often the time where people want to go out looking their best. Body lotion is ever so important as you want your skin to look supple and soft at all times! Here we go through some of the ones that Beauty Editor Guy Humphrey has tried recently.

tesco body lotion

Tesco Body Lotion in Aloe Vera or Cocoa Butter

£1 – All Tesco stores and online

If you want a cheap and cheerful body lotion that still moisturises and scents the skin, these body lotions from Tesco are great. With both being great after suns due to their soothing ingredients, these body lotions are great if you want a nice holiday moisturiser.

ark age aware body beautiful


ARK Age Aware Rose and Jasmine Conditioning Oil

£35.00 from

Containing over 25 essential oils, this product is well worth the money and is great for those who want a multi-purpose oil you can use all over and even in the bath too! With ingredients used for thousands of years and every essential oil used for an effect, it’s easy to see why this is such a great and much-loved product!

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Inner-Soul Organics Circulation Boost Skin Oil

£37 from

Full of sesame seed, olive oil and rosemary, this body oil is great if you want brighter, fresher looking skin that will boost circulation. I found it great to use after a long, tiring day and it was just the pick-me-up I needed. You don’t need much either and a bottle will last you a lifetime!



Antipodes Hand and Body Cream

£28.99 from

Hands down, the Joyful Hand and Body Lotion is one of the best that I’ve tried recently. Full of  avocado pears and more essential oils than you have probably ever heard of, this hand and body lotion is a sheer delight.

It sinks quickly into the skin, the packaging is very easy to use (I personally prefer tubed or potted products), and the product brightens the skin, leaving it soft all day!



Dr. Bronner’s Deeply Hydrating Hand and Body Lotion


These are a nice mid-range of body lotions that do exactly what they say on the tin. I have been trying out the peppermint body lotion recently, which smells gorgeous and is great as a morning body lotion. Not too heavy or greasy, this will definitely be something to take on holiday!



Bramley Products

Prices vary from

Handmade by Chloe Luxton for her husband’s pub, this range of beauty products screams British heritage. Using natural, fresh ingredients, the body lotion is a great product for those who don’t like an overly perfumed body lotion but still want a scent.

The body wash is something I reach for again and again, though, as it smells divine!

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lacura beauty


Lacura Thermal Spring Body Lotion

£1.99 from Aldi

Another great one if you’re on a budget. This product is good for sensitive skin that needs a pick me up and even works if you want a nice relaxing lotion. It’s perfect for those who have also never tried much body lotion before as, due to the price, you can weigh up options.

What Skin Needs Skin Balm


What Skin Needs Skin Balm

£13.99 from

Plantolin being the main active ingredient means that this body balm is great for those who want to soothe, renew and protect their skin. Perfect for even sensitive skin, this product, with ingredients sourced from Australia, is great for those who suffer from dry skin in the summer.

Containing aloe vera, tea tree and lavender, this would also makes a fine after-sun if we ever get a hot day soon!

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