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Exfoliants are a skincare essential! Whether it be synthetic or otherwise, many exfoliants have bits in, to scrub and exfoliate the skin.

Whilst there are many peels out there, the wide consensus is that in order to exfoliate, you need a scrub. A product by Perricone MD is an exfoliant without scrubby bits in it, in order to exfoliate the skin.

Here I review such an innovation against one of the most popular facial scrubs on the market.


Anthony Facial Scrub for All Skin Types

RRP £36.00 – Available from Space NK instore and online

Full of aloe vera, algae and chamomile, this bright orange facial scrub will definitely brighten and uplift you. Packed full of Vitamin C and Bora Bora White Sand to make your face feel smooth, cleaner and brighter, within a matter of minutes. This scrub is my favourite, not only because of the scrub in it, but also the fact that it the scent is something I find very enjoyable. This is a product that I know I will repurchase. The fact that a portion of the proceeds goes towards helping cure Prostate Cancer, is also a definite positive.

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Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals Blue Plasma (5)

Perricone MD Cosmecuticals Blue Plasma

RRP £79.00 – Available from, Space NK and John Lewis

Perricone MD describes Blue Plasma as, ‘A revolutionary, non-acidic daily peel for smoother, brighter skin.’ Having tried this I would have to agree.

Being someone that loves a good facial scrub,the rougher the better, having a scrub without bits in was a very new thing for me. Blue Plasma infuses salmon roe enzyme and Copper all working with bio-specific peeling, to only target the dead skin cells. Perfect for those on the go as this an exfoliant, that you don’t need to rinse off after.

In conclusion both products definitely made my skin softer and cleaner. Perricone MD Cosmecuticals Blue Plasma is perfect for everyday and the results were obvious.

I will still definitely use the Anthony face scrub as a facial scrub, with particles in, to scrub the skin.This is something  I feel my skin still needs. It’s something I would definitely give a go!

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