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Summer brings warmer weather, days out on the beach and endless long nights.

For when you find yourself dimmed by all this strenuous (but absolutely essential) activity, candles can ignite a sense of Zen relaxation, and light up your home with gorgeous scent.

Scent Four Candle from Kelly Hoppen London - £25.00

Scent Four Candles

RRP £25.00
Available from

Available in three colours, the Scent Four Candles add a touch of decadence and interior flavour that is perfect for those that love the minamilist look and clean lines. Personally it’s a hit from me.

With notes of fresh mint, ginger, cassis and sage this smells just like a mojito and makes you want to jet off to a sunny beach, or to a cocktail bar of your choice.

Kelly Hoppen herself is definitely a successful woman, being a Dragon on Dragon’s Den, and is there is something very inspiring about a woman who takes full control of herself and her company. She owes her success to an innovative approach which has set her up for a 37 year career (and counting) – something which, given today’s climate, is to be applauded.

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CPW76870-X Love

Sophie Conran for Port Merion Candles in Delight

RRP £17.50
Available from

Port Merion are a highly successful online interiors retailer, and whilst you are looking for your new summer candle of choice, it’s very tempting to get a wide array of furniture and ornaments – which you may or may not need!

The Delight candle is just that. Delightful. Blending English and Japanese craft I found the candle had a high burn rate and took ages to finish, which is something you definitely want in a candle!

The uplifting fragrance also stuck around, even when the candle wasn’t burning which added to the perfection.

2140423 SuperStars Tin SSF

Sea Salted Fig Candle by Woodwick Blanc

RRP £15.99
Available from

Quintessentially English, Woodwick Blanc adds a touch of the countryside and fresh outdoors to any room. The Sea Salted Fig candle recalls the seaside, ice cream and long, hot days during the summer holidays!

Mandarin, grapefruit, ginger and patchouli give the candle a good amount of depth. This candle doesn’t just provide a straight scent – which means that the candle just gets better the more it burns. I actually found the scent changed over time, which meant that I never stopped smelling it and did not get used to the scent – it kept me on somewhat of a journey.

The Pomegranate and Pink Pepper is another fantastic scent for those that love a bit of spice!

Intense L

Intense Candle by Heart and Home

RRP £12.99
Available from

Heart and Home candles are very strong candles that use a lot of fragrance – so if strong candles are your thing then these are fantastic.

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As each candle is soy-based, it means they tend to be of better quality and they burn and throw more evenly.

The Intense candle is a gorgeous uplifting scent and reminds me of the great outdoors. It’s a great one to burn with the doors open and the wind breezing through the house!

Raspberry Sorbet - Yankee Candle, Large Jar £19.99

Yankee Candles

RRP £19.99
Available from

Yankee Candles are easily one of the most recognisable and popular candle brands. With their distinctive packaging and gorgeous array of scents this American brand is a force to be reckoned with.

There are currently three scents which I am obsessed with: Raspberry Sorbet, Pineapple Cilantro and Sweet Strawberry. All three of these will add a bit of summer loving to your life!

The Raspberry Sorbet I literally want to eat – it smells that good! If you are a fan of berry scents or Summer Scoop this one would be perfect.

In a similar fashion, Sweet Strawberry reminds me of my childhood and is another great one if you love the sweeter, fruitier berry scents.

Lastly Pineapple Cilantro is a great one for those who want a really sweet scent but aren’t too much of a berry person.

Raspberry Sorbet would have to be my favourite out of the three though as it smells absolutely gorgeous!

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