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With the warmer weather and people’s moods lifting now that the onslaught of winter is over, it’s time to look after yourself and get preened for summer.

This beauty product rundown showcases what the best beauty products are for spring.

SKIN Polishing Citrus Cleanser

Herbalife SKIN Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF30

RRP £32.65 – Available for Herbalife members at

A moisturiser with an SPF is a must for any spring/summer skincare routine.

Herbalife is nutrition for the face, doubling the skin’s moisture levels in just two hours as well as providing broad spectrum UVA/UVB rays to help protect the skin against sun damage.

Herbalife SKIN ambassador Arezoo Kaviana says, ‘Lighter creams and protecting moisturisers that shield our skin from the sun are key and I recommend an SPF every day. It protects the skin from the sun, pollution, free radicals and dust – an essential for city living.’

Personally speaking I found this moisturiser really did the trick and gave me a nice level of hydration throughout the day. It also made my skin appear brighter to which is a definite bonus!

The Polishing Cleanser (£19.25) in the same range is also fantastic, and with the citrus fragrance is a good one to awaken the skin and senses ready for the day ahead. It’s particularly good for those with oilier skin.

78034 WG-Dry Oil crop

Di Palomo – Dry Oil

RRP £18.00 – Available from

Coming in four different fragrances, the Di Palomo Dry Oil can be used for any and everything, and is perfect for the spring/summer transition.

Available in Tuscan Rose, White Fig and Grape, Orange Blossom and White Grape, the oil can be used as an all-over body moisturiser, leave-in hair conditioner and even a facial moisturiser.

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Containing Vitamin E, this is a great product to replenish the oils that we natural create without an oily feel or finish, which is why I love this product.


ORGANii Shower Gels

RRP £5.95 – Available from Whole Foods

If you prefer your shower gels natural, like I do, then ORGANii is a company you may want to look into.

Featuring fresh, natural ingredients, the range offers a wide range of tastes with my personal favourite being the strawberry scent – perfect for super soft skin! The lather of these was also good and the fact they are vegan makes me love them even more.

SSCC Cut-out

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream

RRP £2.11 – Available from Boots stores and other retailers nationwide

Sudocrem is something we all know and love. Mostly associated with new mums, Sudocrem is actually fantastic for everyone regardless of age.

With The Guardian naming it one of their Top 10 Beauty Products for Men, this is a great one if you don’t want to spend too much money but still want to look well groomed!

Dead Sea Soa

Dead Sea Spa 24-Hour Marine Miracle Moisturiser

RRP £16.50 – Available from as well as selected retailers

Part of the Pro-Diamond Range, the 24-Hour Marine Miracle Moisturiser helps to restore the skin back to how it was using gorgeous products found within the Dead Sea.

Full of coconut oil and shea butter too this moisturiser is great if you want one that lasts. I tended to use this one when I’m in a rush and knew I’m going to be out all day.

It leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and looking radiant. When I did use the moisturiser at night I did find that my skin was still soft the morning after due to the rich mineral infusion.


FaceD 3-Luronics Instant Hydrating Anti-Ageing Mask

RRP £14.99 for 5 masks – Available from Lloyds Pharmacy

Helping restore and hydrate the skin from deep down the FaceD 3-Luronics Instant Hydrating Anti Ageing Mask is perfect for the spring days you just want to relax outside in the garden. Just pop on for 15 minutes, and after four applications your skin should noticeably look different and feel nourished.

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Having tried this mask I did enjoy it and it was great fun to do especially as I had a friend do one with me. Containing hyaluronic acid which helps to absorb and retain water, this definitely made our skin feel super soft and silky!


Happy Couple Romantic Bath Gift

RRP £32.00 – Available from

It seems to be that many of my friends’ birthdays are in the spring and I find that Happy Couple is great if you want to treat your friends or loved ones to a pampering treat.

The Romantic Bath Set includes two Shea Butter Bath Bombs, two MFH Mega Fizz Hearts, a bath pillow, six Bath Confetti Roses and four candles – making it the ultimate loving gift, especially for partners or close friends!


Creightons Frizz Mo More range

RRP £1 – Available from Home Bargins, Savers and Bodycare

If you want beauty on a budget then Creightons do fantastic products.

The Frizz Mo More range is perfect for those who want to defrizz their hair ready for the summer and get their hair back into tip-top shape. The blow dry cream is especially good for those, like me, that blow dry their hair everyday therefore meaning that their hair tends to be frizzy.

I found it made my hair sleeker, softer and shinier!

Anti Ageing

The Real Shaving Company

RRP £4.99 each – Available from Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s and selected Waitrose and Boots stores.

Award-winning The Real Shaving Company have it down when creating shaving products. With over 60 years’ experience their aftershave moisturisers are some of the best I have ever tried and help to firm and hydrate the skin without leaving an oily feel.

I tend to gravitate towards them in the spring and summer months, and this is a company that deserve even more praise than they already get.

Dead Sea Body Scrub With Frankincense oil - Malki Yarden 2

Malki Dead Sea Body Scrub

RRP £7.99 – Available from Boots

Exfoliation is key when prepping for the spring and summer. The Malki Dead Sea Body Scrub is the perfect exfoliation featuring minerals such as calcium, sulphur and frankincense to soften and soothe the skin.

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This is a body scrub that I will always purchase and I’ve even got my family and friends into it.


Skin Doctors Cosmecuticals

Prices Vary – Available from

Skin Doctors Cosmecuticals have been widely known to be the best at delivering professional skincare products to the customer, bridging the gap between cosmetic surgery and traditional cosmetic products you can get off the shelf.

The three products that I have tried are the No More Pores (£23.95), Instant Facelift (£30.50) and the Gamma Hydroxy (£48.96). These products are good for those that want a bit of sophistication with their beauty products as well as getting high-class results.

Containing salicylic, glycolic and lactic acids the No More Pores Overnight Cream helps to reduce pore size, leaving your skin soft, smooth and radiant! This is great for people like me who don’t have any big skin issues apart from the odd breakout but still want flawless and radiant skin. This one is definitely worth a try.

The Instant Facelift is a good product for if you are in a rush but want to look your radiant best! With the active ingredients helping to lift, tone and tighten the skin this is great for those who want to stop wrinkles from happening. This product also made me feel more awake and ready to start the day which is always a plus.

Lastly, my favourite product of the three was the Gamma Hydroxy. The best description of this product is that it is like an at-home chemical peel but without it being a chemical peel. Helping to smooth the skin and helping with skin issues such as acne scarring, uneven skin tone and wrinkles, this product promises a lot and manages to deliver.

Whilst I don’t have any huge skin issues I did used to suffer with acne in my teenage years, meaning I have the odd acne scar. This product, along with the other two, definitely helped and I did see a great improvement!

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