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With high end premium hair care comes a lot of research, and sometimes guilt, with the prospect that you have paid a lot for a product that may or may not work. Here, Guy Humphrey goes through his top high end haircare picks, or the products that you may have thought about buying for a while but haven’t got round to doing so.


Tabitha James Kraan Scented Organic Hair Oil

RRP £38.00 – Available from

Hair oils are a product that tend to be the most beneficial, yet most expensive, products within a hair line for that very reason. Having tried a fair few over the years, Tabitha James Kraan is definitely one of my favourites, featuring as much organic ingredients as possible and leaving the hair well scented and feeling amazing.

Rose, neroli and lemon along with seaweed help to nourish and soften the hair and I personally found that my hair was a lot easier to manage and style if I used this. As well as the product actually doing good for my hair, the scent lasted all day too!

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Rock and Ruddle Boar Bristle Hairbrush

RRP £20.00 – Available from John Lewis, Fortnum and Mason and Harvey Nichols as well as online

With many different designs from race cars to snakeskin these brushes definitely are unique and eye-catching. The boar bristles not only help to make the brush last longer but also means that they distribute the sebum evenly on the hair meaning that your hair is easier to style and looks shinier.

This does feel different to using a normal hairbrush because of the bristles, but I did actually find my hair to be shinier and healthier. Sceptical at first, but now I’ve tried it I won’t go back.


Dear Barber Shaping Cream

RRP £9.95 – Available from

Ordering beauty products can often be a risky business. Just My Look offers free delivery and discounts on particular products and is a website I have used many times before.

The Dear Barber Shaving Cream is a product best suited for those that want a lot of texture and volume which can be achieved by working a small amount of the product into your hair using your fingers before blow-drying.

For me, I tend not to use styling products as I hate the feel of them but this one is one of the exceptions as it is lightweight enough for me not to feel it but gives effortless style and texture.


TIGI Bedhead for Men Wise Up Scalp Shampoo

RRP £9.50 – Available from

TIGI is a reputable brand with a wide array of products so quite often it can be hard figuring out what products are worth the money and what products most definitely aren’t.

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The Wise Up Scalp Shampoo is a new product from TIGI and features lemongrass, menthol and sunflower seed to revitalise and soothe the scalp.

Perfect for those who tend to have a sensitive scalp prone to flakiness, I found this does exactly that and I would definitely recommend it.

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