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The beauty world is vast and varied. There are many different approaches to beauty with many companies saying their products are the best. With such a wide array, as well as beauty buzz through the media, it is often hard to choose what product to try from particular companies.

Here, Guy Humphrey goes through his top picks.


TIANA Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

RRP: £14.99 – Available from Holland and Barrett, all good independent stores and

Coconut Oil is definitely on the tip of every beauty addict’s lips. Fantastic on the body and on the hair coconut oil is a very diverse ingredient/product often acting as a humectant hydrating and retaining moisture. Coconut is also fantastic for soothing the skin and the TIANA Pure Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the best out there and was recently featured on ITV’s This Morning.

Tiana also focuses heavily on ensuring that they are Fairtrade and ethically sourced with part of the proceeds from sales going to the TIANA Fair Trade Project which helps the coconut farmers’ and their families in the Philippines.

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Angela Langford

Angela Langford

All products available from

I have mentioned many times about Angela Langford and her gorgeous natural beauty products. Angela Langford has a fantastic service of trying a free sample pack with products suited to your personal skin type and skin concern. She recommends products and sends you them free.

This just showcases how fantastic she is and the products she sent me were just as fantastic. My issue is that I find my skin can sometimes be dull so wanted something brightening that wasn’t heavy for my combination skin.

Out of the products that were sent to me my favourite was definitely the Bloom and Glow Radiance Restoring Face Oil full of vitamin E, geranium and evening primrose to brighten and soothe the skin. The oil was gorgeous: it was not too heavy, and left my skin looking instantly brighter. If there’s one product you must try, it would definitely be this.

The other products that were sent was the Scrub Up Fruit Extract Exfoliator, Balancing Act Lightweight Moisturiser and Sweet Cheeks Non Foaming Daily Facial Wash. All products when used together made for such a good pamper treat it was unreal!


Library of Fragrance Dirt Cologne

RRP: £15 – Available from

The Library of Fragrance is a fantastic perfumery with over 101 fragrances. You can get everything from Play-Doh to Gin and Tonic, as well as the classic scents such as Rose and Jasmine.

Not having tried any of the fragrances before, I had Dirt sent to me as I was intrigued as to whether this actually smelt like dirt. I received the parcel and with dubious anticipation I tried the fragrance out, and guess what? It smells like dirt. Not as offensive as it might sound – whilst it does smell of dirt, it isn’t awful.

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While next time I will probably go for a more everyday scent, I can’t fault the innovation and if you enjoy their Dirt fragrance you will pretty much like anything that they come out with!


Love My Skin Anti-Ageing Range

Prices vary – Available from

Using infared light the Love My Skin Anti Ageing Technology is truly something I have never tried before. Both the compact and the pen can be used in conjunction, with the pen being perfect for travel as well as sensitive areas of the skin. You turn on the piece of equipment and place onto the desired area.

The infared technology helps to boost collagen, which helps to promote healthier skin. With many seeing results after 10 days, my skin did feel softer after the first application. I would love to have something that required less time on the morning, however, the product did work and I would recommend it if you can make time in your daily routine.


Olvernum Bath Oil

Prices start from £23.50 – Available from

With The Sunday Times describing the Olvernum Bath Oil as a ‘bath nirvana’, this product definitely has some hype behind it’s name. Having being sent a sample I decided to try it and it was pretty amazing. Softening my skin and leaving a gorgeous aromatic scent of herbs and lavender, this is perfect after a long stressful day.

Olvernum are definitely on the up, as they will soon be featured online on House of Fraser as well as being stocked in Harvey Nichols and Fenwick.

They’ve been going for many years and have just had somewhat of a rebrand for 2015  – and it’s working! Keep an eye out for this up-and-coming bath company!

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RRP: £5.49 – Available from

Helping to restore the hair, Faith in Nature uses no parabens or nasties in their products to help the hair back to its natural glory! The aloe vera is fantastic to soothe irritated scalps. I used it when my scalp was sunburnt and it worked fantastically.

This shampoo is great as it won’t weight your hair down. This is also full of gorgeous citrus oils which, mixed with the aloe vera, made this conditioner smell great too.

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