Weekly Fumes: Incense Flash Eau de Parfum by Tauerville

John Preston

Last year the Switzerland-based perfumist extraordinaire Andy Tauer released four scents as part of his lower-priced Tauerville collection, and it is worth pointing out now that in this instance, lower in price certainly does not equate to a comprise in quality. Incense Flash joined Amber Flash, Rose Flash and Vanilla Flash and has already become my favourite winter incense scent alongside my very long standing love affair with the Comme des Garçons’ Incense series and if you’re looking for a replacement for Tom Ford’s soon to be discontinued Sahara Noir then your hunt may be over.

A smoky incense dominates the opening 30 minutes of Incense Flash and it is dry with a purity that is cleansing and is neither heavy nor flat. Frankincense becomes apparent but is not a listed note, there is some cedar and the leather, which is the other key player in Incense Flash, comes to the fore – aged and with a faint but brief muskiness. There is little change for the next four hours or so but then, if you smell your wrist close up, you will notice a definite patchouli presence. Again, this is a note that is not referred to in the publicity material, but is clearly identifiable to me.

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Incense Flash is beautifully done and in this cold snap that we’re currently experiencing, it is indeed warming but with a cool, precise beauty which I love. The scent does not announce itself loudly and has limited projection and sillage but the wearer will catch trails of it all day.

On me this really is a skin scent and in this respect it is certainly tenacious and hard working. I can’t recommend Incense Flash enough and I for one cannot wait to try the others.

Currently Tauerville scents are available through Andy Tauer’s website and Les Senteurs, 71 Elizabeth Street, London, SW1W 9PJ, +44207 730 2322 / 2 Seymour Place, London, W1H 7NA, +44207 183 5842.

30ml £40 (approximately)

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