The Biggest LGBT Festivals in the World

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community have many events held across the globe to celebrate diversity. Usually, pride is celebrated on the last weekend of June, so this is when many of the events take place. These LGBT festivals are held in major cities in all continents and each has something different and exciting to offer. Here are six of the best LGBT festivals in the world.

6) San Francisco Gay Pride

If you happen to be in San Francisco when the San Francisco Gay Pride parade is taking place, you should definitely try to get involved. This colorful spectacle is a celebration of diversity and people’s freedom to express their sexuality. This exciting event is just as much fun as playing at Red Flush Casino. Thousands of people flock to enjoy the parade and to get involved with other related events that are taking place in the city over the course of the weekend.

5) Madrid Gay Pride

The Madrid Gay Pride Festival is the largest LGBT parade in Spain and is also one of the biggest in Europe as a whole. This means it is even more exciting than raising the stakes in your favourite form of online gambling – the future of online gaming entertainment. Also called ‘Madrid Orgullo’, this festival attracts thousands of people each year. Other than the actual parade, there are other exciting events to enjoy, such a huge party that is led by famous DJs.

4) London Gay Parade

London has many events taking place throughout the year, so you won’t need to spend all your time sitting in a hotel room playing games on Red Flush Casino. One of the best spectacles in London’s festival calendar is the London Gay Parade. The parade itself covers many areas of London, including Trafalgar Square, Whitehall, Oxford Street, and Piccadilly Circus. There are also exciting activities, sports events, and a range of community stalls for those who attend to enjoy.

3) Amsterdam Gay Pride

The Amsterdam Gay Pride event takes place over a week filled with a wide range of activities. It is one of the busiest events of the year in this city attracts many visitors to the area. The Canal Parade is famous and averages 300,000 spectators each year. Other events that are held during the week include club and street parties. Other than the parade, one of the biggest attractions during this festival is the Drag Queen Olympics.

2) Berlin Gay Pride

The first sexuality equality parade to take place in Berlin was held in 1979. The event is commonly referred to as Berlin Christopher Street Day and hundreds of people participate in the parade with thousands more spectating. In addition to the parade, there are films, lectures, concerts, exhibitions, and many parties in various locations across the city. This event lasts for a full week with a full program of different activities each day.

1) Sydney Pride Festival

The aim of the Sydney Pride Festival is to promote awareness of diversity so people can live without discrimination. This is one of the longest LGBT festivals in the world as it lasts for around a month. The highlight is the Mardi Gras parade which is a spectacular and exciting sight passing through the streets of Sydney.

Bonus: New York Gay Pride

New York is a city that is well-known for its diversity and for being home to a community that is accepting of differences. This week-long celebration is one of the oldest gay pride events in the world. It passes through Christopher Street and by Stonewall Inn. Just some of the attractions and activities that take place during this festival at the end of June include the parade, parties, a dance, and family activities.

All of the above are highly recommended and you will definitely enjoy participating in them!

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