Celebrate the Queen’s Birthday in Thailand

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Celebrate the Queen’s birthday in Thailand this year, because a royal birthday is as good a reason to party as any other. If cucumber sandwiches and bunting don’t do it for you, head to Thailand mid-August and join their laidback celebrations of the Thai Queen’s birthday.

The monarchy in Thailand is well respected throughout the country and you’ll struggle to find a restaurant, food stall or shop that doesn’t hang a photo of the Royal Family. 12 August is actually also observed as Mother’s Day, as Queen Sirikit is known as the mother of the nation. Schools and government offices are closed to host ceremonies and parades, which line the streets with colourful crowds. As part of the celebrations, women are often gifted jasmine flowers which are considered as the flower of the Queen. The streets are covered in blue flags to symbolise respect for the royal house and as night falls, the twinkle of streetlights illuminate portraits of Queen Sirikit.

So what is the best way to experience this traditional national holiday? By boat, of course! If you’re looking to experience a rich culture, incredible food and a totally different way of life, visit Thailand for this incredible national holiday. As you explore the bustling cities and isolated towns don’t forget that you can discover more of Thailand across the water.

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b>Two Seat Tours offer a truly magical way of seeing all that Thailand has to offer. Imagine relaxing as an experienced tour guide paddles you through the hidden caves of Thailand’s Panak Island. Swimming in the Andaman sea and relaxing on Lawa beach gives you the perfect opportunity to escape the hustle on land and appreciate the lesser-known parts of Thailand. You’ll gain a much more personal insight into the Thai way of life and certainly return home with some stories to tell!

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