The Vada Christmas Gift Guide 2016

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Vada Claus is coming to town and, of course, we’re generous enough to share our pick of some of the best unusual gifts to stash under your tree and in your own personal stocking! Let’s get started.


  1.  Wine Carafe with Personalised Oak Stopper, £30

Everyone loves a little bit of personalised merchandise at Christmas. Granted it’s usually a gift from your auntie, but you could shake things up this year. I have to admit I haven’t come across a personalised wine carafe before, but there’s a first time for everything. It’d be a nice accent to any dinner table and the wooden stopper is a nice touch.


  1. Telephone Box Wine Rack, £330

Okay so this is a little bit pricey, but it’s a phone box that holds wine (if someone bought me one of these I’d be ridiculously excited). Look at it this way, it’s an investment in a rather unique form of wine storage and it’ll be a nice conversation starter when people visit your house.

slush maker

  1. Slush Maker, £49.95

You’re never too old for a slush. And so, it naturally follows that you’re never too old for a slush machine. Forget egg nog and fancy popcorn machines, the slush maker is the perfect addition to your kitchen and drinks menu this christmas.


4. Tweexy, £14.99

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There is no denying that this is a very helpful beauty hack, though I feel it’s intention is to help those of us who paint our nails while on some form of transport. This is the perfect stocking filler for anyone who can be found balancing nail polish on or between anything that’s stable in order to have their talons fresh and twinkly before their next meeting.


  1. Bubble Lick Edible Bubbles, £12.99

Edible bubbles. Need I say more. Party poppers are out, maybe even get rid of the crackers too because who wouldn’t want edible bubbles. Maybe buy goggles too, as there’s always one person who complains about getting bubbles in their eyes.

how to

  1. How To Poo At Work, £6.95

We all have a friend who needs this in their life and we know who it is and soon as we see this. However, if you’ve already bought that friend a gift or they already own this book, it could certainly be a humorous secret santa gift to liven up the office party.

yoga cats

  1. Yoga Cats, £4.95

I’m not a cat person, but I can see why the majority of people on the internet may appreciate this. You likely have a friend or family member who is one of those people. Thus, make them happy this year and remember cats in yoga poses are for life, not just for christmas.


  1. Chocolate Spanner, £12.99

I saw these at the Cake and Bake show 2015 and was very impressed by how authentic they look. I ended up buying a friend a paintbrush and paint tube last Christmas and he was very happy – apparently they taste as good as they look. And added bonus, they’re gluten free.

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