Cocktail recipe: Virgin cucumber mojito

Daniel Wren

Here at Vada Magazine we love a good cocktail. However, there’s always a time when you need to step back and cut out the booze. But water’s boring, right? Well, how about a delicious recipe for a virgin cucumber mojito.

The trick is to pick the right soft drinks to make sure there’s plenty of flavour. You can, of course, just add rum if you need booze.

Serves 1


  • 1/2 lime
  • 1 cup water
  • 12 leaves fresh mint
  • 2 slices cucumber, peeled and sliced
  • 1/3 cup ice cubes, crushed
  • sugar to taste (alternatively, try agave nectar)


  1. Infuse the water with the cucumber in a fridge for at least an hour (overnight is best).
  2. Clap the mint leaves into one hand to bruise them and release their flavour.
  3. Put the ice into a tall glass with the fresh mint and sugar.
  4. Squeeze in the juice from the lime and put the lime aside.
  5. Add in the cucumber water.
  6. Using a long spoon, muddle the ingredients in the glass.
  7. Run the lime around the rim of your glass.
  8. Garnish with slices of lime and/or cucumber to taste.
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