Craft beer review: Poppies Pink Pide Pale Ale

Adam Lowe

Especially for London Pride and the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK, Poppies Soho launched a limited edition pink-labelled version of its recently launched Poppies Pale Ale. While the pink-labelled version is now off the shelves, you can still pick up a bottle of Poppies Pale Ale to give this delicious treat a swig – and it’s the perfect accompaniment to their legendary fish and chips.

Poppies Pale Ale is brewed by The Five Points Brewing Company on behalf of the fish and chip emporium. The nuanced flavours are perfectly designed to cut through the salty grease and match the crunchy batter of the nation’s favourite takeaway dish. Despite this, it’s drinkable even without the cheeky chipwrap treat. It has a slightly bitter edge to offset the fattiness of the chips and a citrus tang that cleverly complements the fish. I rather enjoyed this in the sunshine with home-cooked seabass fillets and a light salad.

The pink colour was chosen to match the former free LGBT newspaper (of which this writer was once a contributor) The Pink Paper. The paper was founded in 1987 and ran until June 2009. During London Pride, Poppies Soho also served its award-winning take away Fish & Chips in pink newspaper as another little nudge to the festival.

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You can pick up Poppies Pale Ale at Poppies sites in Spitalfields, Soho and Camden now.

Image: Poppies / Instagram

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