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When we talk about DNA tests in the UK, it’s no surprise that Jeremy Kyle springs to mind. However, there is much more to DNA testing than meets the eye. DNA tests can answer questions of descent, but can also help us to review our lifestyle and genetic predispositions to illness, among other things.

DNA testing can play a huge role in our understanding and knowledge of ourselves and, create an avenue for us to re-evaluate and change elements of our lives.

Below are three leading DNA testing services available in the UK, each of which offers a wealth of information.

1. Ancestry DNA

Ancestry DNA is a highly popular test used to uncover ancestral history and ethnicity. This test involves following simple instructions and sending the company a saliva sample.

In 6-8 weeks, you’ll receive an email providing a link to your online results.

The test costs £79 and will compare your sample against 700,000 genetic markers. The bonus with this test, however, is that you’ll also be able to search the 4 million members of the Ancestry network to find out who you share DNA with.

There’s every possibility that you may find a long lost relative.

Good for: Finding relatives.

2. EasyDNA

EasyDNA is a diet and healthy weight test that gives you a helping hand in understanding why you’ve been struggling to reach your target weight.

This test is priced at £119.

In 15 working days, you will receive a 70-page report that provides a breakdown of  your genetic make-up and how that interacts with your eating habits and food choices.

You will also receive a recommended diet and exercise plan that can help you reach your goals.

Good for: Dieting, fitness

3. Fitness Genes

Fitness Genes interprets your DNA and then helps you to build muscle and burn fat. Starting at £129, this saliva test allows you to engage with four different programmes of your choice: Lose Weight, Get Fit, Build Muscle and Starter Plus.

Each of these plans offers focused nutrition and training advice with plan lengths ranging from 4-12 weeks. The bonus of choosing Fitness Genes is that as the science develops, so does their advice – meaning that you have the most up to date, scientific training plan for your body.

Good for: Fitness, dieting

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