2014 in Fashion – It’s Here, it’s Queer!

Jefferson Ellison

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With the New Year frenzy somewhat behind us but the pressure of a new wardrobe still looming quite heavily, it only makes sense that my first editorial of 2014 takes a hard look at what’s to come. After consulting with my gaggle of queers, dears, and fashion insiders, I’ve decided to combine 3 fashion “moments” that are guaranteed to hit every overpriced boutique, cheeky little street wear shop, and eventual … bargain box near you.

Trends: Whimsy, Femininity and Radiant Orchid.

I love the direction men’s fashion is going right now: subtle feminine hints, silhouettes and lines. The rules are slowly disappearing and modish rebellion has run amuck! The shorts are shorter. Jeans are tighter. They have crop tops, wide legged trousers and yes the infamous Kanye kilt. It’s bold, it’s daring, but most importantly… it’s fashion.

Truth be told, ever sense Donatella introduced Alice in Wonderland into her collection a few years back, the fashion world has been obsessed with the idea of prints, bold color choices and overall fantasy. One of my new favorite models – Marshall C. – let me dye his hair and beat his face all for the sake of fashion and no matter how strange he may feel, honey this IS the way of the times.

With prints oversaturating the market but consumers still craving their whimsy, you’ve got to find a way to have a meeting of the minds. Obviously purple hair and white skin is the next best thing. Bringing me to my final and most important 2014 “moment”

Radiant Orchid.

Every year, Pantone picks one color from the rainbow, adds some white and black gives it a delicious name, making it “color of the year”. Typically, it’s something more ambiguous: a green, a blue, maybe even some shade of red. But this year, the queens must have called in the union because they are all up and through this 2014 pick.

Radiant orchid? RADIANT. ORCHID. Yes that’s a color and yes, it’s basically just a sassy more vibrant version of lavender. However, the color shows risk in the industry and promotes the power of delicacy.

If you didn’t believe my first two trends picks, the proof is in the pudding. The vibrant, soft dynamic colored pudding. Which also happens to be a different version of the color for gay alliance… coincidences don’t exist people, it’s a sign. First it’s the colors, then it’s the shapes and sooner or later, we’ll be singing kumbaya in some twisted version of a Sally Pierce utopia. I digress.

What I love about this choice (besides its obvious correlation to the rest of my trend picks) is the fashion of it all!

Honeys wear this color with blues, greens, grays and monochromatic ensembles. Dress it up. Kate Middleton did it- dress it down -Kelly Osborn put it in her hair. No matter what, it’s guaranteed to get you noticed and keep you on trend.

So as you embark on this journey from 2013 homosexual to 2014 power queer extraordinaire, remember to never leave your house without: something old, something new, radiant orchid, and something cool.

You’re welcome.

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