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It’s not surprising the music and fashion go hand in hand. And I personally find it fun to listen to an artist you don’t know before you see them and imagine their wardrobe based off their voices and their genre. So before I go on, listen to this song:

What did you imagine? Did you picture a slim man in a white tee shirt and an oak wood guitar? Rolled up American jeans and and worn-in oxfords? Did you imagine him with brown hair and soulful eyes… cute right? And so very talented… queens, bitches, and gentlemen, may I introduce: Mr. Philip H. Mancuso.


The North Carolina singer/song-writer born in Massachusetts has made a name for himself as a devilishly handsome and charmingly polite musician sweeping the nation. Literally, he just came back from a country tour. I’m fortunate enough to have the pleasure of calling him a dear friend – for quite some time now- and I can assure you there’s more to him than just his music, for I simply love him for his fashion.

As any true sartorialist will tell you, fashion is a lifestyle not just what you wear to work, and it is the true embodiment of a rugged man that give his look such depth. He wears double breasted blazers, dark wash jeans, and whiskey on the rocks. He smirks as he gets lost in his own lyrics and enjoys making fixing up his prize possession… his Subaru.


As you can imagine, Phil and I met in the chicest way possible, at a fashion show. We chatted, exchanged information and began small talk. Eventually we discovered mutual friends in fashion and have since then become quite good friends, considering he likes women and all, (no judgment).

A style icon in his own right, Phil is the classic embodiment of men’s style. As if he just walked out of a Mr. Porter campaign, Phil mimics the fashion stylings of the great men before him, James Dean, Bob Dylan, and the subtle hint of a James Bond quality. Rather it’s his obsession with his Raleigh Denim jeans, or his Gant blazer, his nonchalant brown oxfords or his slightly worn cotton oxfords. Mr. Mancuso is single handedly preserving classic style in an honest fashion. Unlike many of you he doesn’t dress for a paycheck. He isn’t walking the runway, and he’s not clenching to a dream of beating David Beckham for the hottest man of the year. He’s living his life and reflecting his attitude through his clothes, and I say Bravo.


As a musician, and a heterosexual, Phil spends his days traveling – on tour- fixing his car, and perfecting his craft. His look is approachable, straightforward and functional. There is no hidden agenda and there is no show, it is simply, authentic. In fact, one of the most notable things about him (in my mind) is that I’ve never seen him in black. Fascinating I know. As a fashion junkie myself and summer New Yorker, I live in black. It’s my favorite color. It doesn’t show dirt or sweat, and always makes me look skinny. However black is also a very stark color. It is loud and rude while at the same time being demure. It’s not very approachable nor is it warm. It’s the most dramatic of colors, which is why you homos love it so much. Cue P.H.M

The color I’ve seen Phil in the most is navy blue. Which as you know, is the new “it” color of the upcoming season. Much like his personality and his voice, navy blue is welcoming and sultry with depth and variety. It’s strong without being dominate and it’s soft without being weak. Pair it with accent colors like cognac, pale yellow, white or even grey and you are nailing every aesthetic g-spot known to mankind.


So cheers to the last man standing. A style connoisseur in a sea of fans. A man who can appreciate style and take our hags off our hands.

To get Phil’s look and embody that classic manly style, invest in brands like:

Burberry London
Ralph Lauren
Raleigh Denim

Tips to get started:

Dark, untreated straight leg jeans
Tailored trousers
Wing tip loafers
Cotton Oxfords
Classic Fedora
as always, send me your thoughts, but this week direct your questions to the style icon himself.


Pictures taken from Philip’s personal Facebook and photographer Kristen Abigail.

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