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Spring and Summer are now distant memories. As we drift into Autumn and Winter it is time to alter your footwear choices. As temperatures plummet and the ground becomes covered in golden leaves, loafers are no longer a wise choice. In AW13 it is all about the practical, and here are some of the key shoe styles to go for:

Boots are the first, and most obvious, shoe to go for in the Winter months. Depending on what you wear them with and your own personal style, there are a number that can be appropriate. If you dress more formally, then the Chelsea boot or even a Brogue boot can be the perfect companion, offering a more sophisticated edge to this winter essential. These can be worn with a suit to work or a pair of wool trousers and shirt day to day.

brogue boot

The hiking boot is another option for those that prefer a more dressed down look. These possibly offer the highest level of practicality. Whilst the name doesn’t scream something that is trendy, it is perfect for guys that prefer a more rough around the edges look. Similarly with the worker boot, these two styles offer sturdiness and practicality, making them ideal for winter. When it comes to what to wear with these pieces, think of the outdoors, tweed and lumberjack though not all of them at once, unless you’re actually chopping wood.

topman hiking boot

When choosing what boot style to go for, it is best to buy based on the clothes you currently own. It is easier and cheaper to finish off your wardrobe with a pair of shoes rather than creating a brand new wardrobe based around a pair of shoes. After that it is time to pick what shoe to actually buy, just look to AW collections and you will see boots littered all throughout them.

chelsea boot

However it isn’t all about the boot in AW. After all, we do manage to get some dry days scattered between the wet ones. In this instance it is the key shoes, brogues, derbys and oxfords, that are your go to. You don’t need to spend all of the next 2 seasons in your boots. For me an ideal winter shoe is the sturdy Dr Martens, they mix a practical shoe with something that doesn’t look too casual, with their refined collection offering their take on a brogue. A monk shoe for me is also one to watch, offer a bit of an edge to a classic shoe.

dr martens
That is my view on how to survive the Autumn and Winter when it comes to your shoes. In extreme cases the good old fashioned Wellington is always a good one to have. Just because they need to be a bit more sensible doesn’t mean you can’t be on trend, after all poor shoe choice can be disastrous. And no one wants to be that guy in a heap on the ice and with soaked through socks.

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