BackBliss Applicator – Review

Jake Basford

Dragons Den comes out with some weird and wonderful inventions, and each time we as an audience are expected to get behind an inventor’s vision for a future device that will make the world a better place. Whilst brain-numbingly simple a device (a piece of plastic with foam on the end), the BackBliss Applicator seems to have answered that question of how to apply suntan lotion to the middle of your back without doing three months of yoga in advance.

The BackBliss Applicator comes in a plastic packaging and arrives with an extra pad – soft and un-abrasive, it allows for smoothing over not exfoliation. The idea being that it can be used for the above purposes whilst people are on holiday (or not) and for a variety of reasons, from use with moisturiser, to application of acne cream, to the fake bake.

There seems to be a massive flaw in this premise, however: every cream you apply has a different application method and a very different chemical makeup – whilst it is perfect for those who just moisturise, or just want to use it in the shower for their back, if they were to, for example, cheat on getting a tan and use a rub-on, and proceed to use their moisturiser afterwards… well you see where we are going with this. Also, the BackBliss Applicator robs gay men of the flirtation ritual that is a must-have for friends and frenemies alike – “can you rub [this] on my back please?” How many gay men WON’T get laid as a result of using this? Thousands (possibly).

The truth of the matter is that there is only one main reason people use wands like this on their backs, and it usually has something to do with exfoliation. That said, physical intimacy is an essential part of human behaviour that the BackBliss Applicator removes from society by forcing independence and no longer needing a helping hand from a willing friend (or stranger). While there is certainly a market for it, and it does what it says on the tin and aids in the application of creams and lotions, there are so many (cheaper) versions of this on the market already, and the BackBliss Applicator looks like the kind of thing that JML already has a patent on anyway.

If you are interested in getting the BackBliss Applicator for yourself then you can check on their website here.

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