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As Christmas grows ever nearer, it’s often a time I focus on making my family suitably happy with gifts galore. However, it’s important once in a while to treat yourself. I like a ratio of one for them 2 for me. I feel it’s a winning formula and has served me well the last few years. It’s all about the maths (ok so that’s a cheap shot at playing down my shopping addiction, but it works for me).

I recently had one of my, what I like to call ‘beauty compulsions’ and set about adding yet more essentials to my make-up kit. Here is a rundown of my top 5 buys and why you the reader should invest in these products:


Real Techniques – Fine liner brush (£6.99) the one brush I couldn’t live without is a precise eyeliner brush to tie the whole eye look together. I used to use MAC brushes such as the 210. I found with that brush however it did clog a little with the products, thus resulting in imperfections in the final liner. With the Real Technique brush, what sold it to me was the clever use of taklon bristles which eliminate the clogging of product. It’s also a very tapered and fine brush, which holds its shape when gliding over the eye area. This is imperative when working with any gel or cream liner such as MAC fluidline. The trick is to pick up as little of the product as possible and let the brush do the work, building up in stages. As I’ve said before, with any make-up it’s much easier to add than to take away.


Eco Tools – Foam applicator brush (£4.99) this firm foam tip can be used in many various ways to blend in cream products such as foundation and concealer. The flat side with tapered point, allows you to really work product into the inner corner of the eye. It can also be used on the rounded side to blend in concealer under the eye, a place most brushes usually fall by the way side. I personally used this myself to add my primer around and over the lid, as sometimes natural hair brushes, can soak up the product, therefore reducing how much is dispensed onto the eye.


Eco Tools – Deluxe fan brush (£9.95) contouring the cheekbones is made effortless with this uber practical brush. The large fanned out bristles and angled placement, allows you to really work product into the hollows of the cheek. Often than not when doing make up for a client, I will use an angled contour brush or a tapered blending brush, but this one was so easy to use. Gently picking up a little bronzer in the centre of the brush and working over the hollows of the cheeks in a back and forth motion. To avoid harsh lines be sure to really blend in the blush, or better still use your foundation brush to gently stipple/blend over the blush to soften, with any of the product left on the brush.


Topshop- Glow highlighter (Polished) this gorgeous rich, creamy formulation is a beautiful highlighter and essential to any kit. Similar to that of MAC’s strobe cream, the only point of difference is that this has a more golden tone. The highly pigmented cream, gives a lovely iridescent glow. This can be used on the highest points of the brow bone, the tops of the cheekbones and anywhere you wish to add a highlight. My tip is to mix a little of this product with a pigment to create your very own dewy blusher. A little goes a long way, so please do use sparingly. This can also be used as a base on top of a lid primer, to allow a stronger colour pay off when using shadows over the top. I have also used this myself on clients to highlight the inner corner of the eye, to give it a lift and keep the eyes looking fresh.


Sleek Make Up – Face Form Contouring & Blush Palette (Medium 374) I have used Sleek Make up palettes for many years now and they never fail to impress me with their rich tones and clever universal shades. This contour palette is ideal for people with a medium to dark complexion as the shades are very deep. To choose the correct shade you must patch test and I tend to do this on the face itself. Often people make the mistake of testing product on their hand and more often than not this isn’t representative of their facial colour. Use sparingly and build up colour on areas of the face you wish to sculpt and add structure to. Key areas are the temples, hollows of the cheeks, jawline and sides of the nose. This palette really is a beautiful compilation of shades, with a very strong colour pay off and airbrushed result.



For further stockist and product information be sure to visit: Twitter: @realtechniques Twitter: @Topshop Twitter: @ecotools Twitter: @SleekMakeUP

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