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As a follow on to my previous piece on the wonderful world of drag make-up, I would like to share with you a few tools of the trade. These will help you on your way to being a glorified diva, whether you choose drag or just want a fierce everyday look. Without a doubt make up is an art form and requires only the very best products to achieve flawless results. That being said, in the drag world this is amplified to an extreme degree and reaches a whole new level of artistry. Below is a concise list, of just a few of many, incredible products, which I believe are worth investing in:


Real Techniques – Starter Kit – £21.99

Loved by professional artists and celebrities alike, Real Techniques is the go to place for amazing starter kits. Cleverly constructed from taklon bristles to avoid product blockage, these are extremely soft in handling and dense enough to really pack on your product. The kit comprises of 5 brushes all aimed at aiding you in a variety of eye make-up looks. A very fluffy base shadow brush picks up just the correct amount of product which makes packing colour on in stages very efficient.

With a flat and tapered edge, it can be worked into the socket to blend out colour for a seductive Smoky eye. The accent brush is ideal for applying pigments and highlighting products into the corner of the eye or running colour below the waterline. The deluxe crease brush is extremely packed with ultra-soft bristles and dome tipped. The brush can be adapted to not only blend out product up to the brow bone but also buffing in concealer under the eye for a pixel perfect finish. The brows brush is angled to allow a precise line of colour to sweep through the brows. It can also be used to line the top of the lid, with a gel liner, such as MAC black track. Similarly, the fine liner brush can also undergo this duty, but has a much more refined and precise tip to get those envious flicks

Illamasqua – Skin Base – £27.00

A super rich formulation ensures that coverage is to a very high specification and adequate in covering any un-even skin tone. A fully comprehensive array of shades has been created for matching from the very lightest to the deepest of skin tones. A great way to contour is through the medium of cream products and using a shade 2 shades deeper than your natural tone. This is ideal for sculpting. The trick is to really buff the product in and eradicate any harsh lines. If a heavy foundation isn’t the required result you want then this can easily be mixed with a primer or moisturiser to give a dewier glow and decrease the amount of heavy coverage

Eco Tools – Kabuki Brush – £12.99

A kabuki brush is a fantastic addition to your brush collection as uses can range from applying blusher, to bronzer, and even buffing in cream products such as foundation. The bristles are supremely soft and allow your products to be buffed in with a feathered effect. This means you will eradicate any blotches or harsh lines, where foundation and powder items have been added to the skin. The cleverly designed, retractable ferrule, allows the bristles to be protected in between usage

Eco Tools – Lip brush £5.99

The lip brush has once again paid extra attention to detail such as ensuring the bristles are protected. This brush comes in two parts with a lid to help cover the tip. With a precision tip and flat base, it is most effective when applying lipstick and primers to the lips. As the bristles are all 100% taklon I would advise applying lip glosses with this brush also. The beauty of taklon bristles as mentioned above, is that they don’t clog with products and an added bonus, they’re cruelty free

Enjoy creating whichever looks you are aiming towards and be sure to share them with us! @CMLomas86Craig @VadaMagazine

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