Beckham Family Values

Elliot Rose

Who doesn’t love a celebrity family? From the Tudors to the Kennedys to the Osbournes, we can’t get enough. Right now, undoubtedly the Kardashians and the Beckhams are the two clans dominating our news feeds. Aside from wondering about who would win in a fight between Kris Jenner and Victoria Beckham (it’s Vicky: agility beats brute force any day) the two are very different breeds. While the Kardashians may have strength in numbers and be reality television superstars, they can’t beat the Beckhams in the style stakes.


I cannot bear to even think about Kim and Kanye on the cover of American Vogue anymore. The only answer for this surely has to be that Kim sat on Anna Wintour until she said yes? Well yes, the girls do look good in a pair of Gianvito Rossis, and the skinny little one did okay in her first runway season, no one can be more chic than a family lead by the style icon, shady bitch and living thinspiration that is Victoria Beckham. Even as Posh Spice, she inspired a generation of young girls and sexually confused boys to dress up in all black and lip sync along to ‘Wannabe’, keeping a face of steely thunder throughout.

If we forgive and forget her undignified foray into hazy world of celebrity denim in the mid 00’s with ‘dVB Style’, Mrs B has turned herself into one of the most praised designers of the decade. We all know about her ethos of quality production over gimmicks, we all know the rumours about her working relationship with Roland Mouret and we all know what a critic-smashing success her label has been since its launch in 2008. It is simplicity and elegance defined. By comparison, it makes the Kardashian Kollection look like little more than a sartorial reminder that Kim, Kourtney and Khloe share collective initials with a racist terror group.


Shade aside, Victoria has led her and David from being so much more than just an ex-footballer and an ex-wag. Whilst Kris Jenner may be the ultimate ‘momager’ Victoria was surely something to do with her husbands enormously successful collaboration with H&M, and is absolutely at the core of his rumoured upcoming standalone menswear label.

Apparently, investors are lining up to invest in Brand Beckham once again, and with their eye for style and business acumen, it’s by no means a surprise. Even the kids are in on it. Fifteen year old Brooklyn looked rather handsome in his modelling recent mode ling debut, and little Harper has a blog devoted to what she wears. She and Suri Cruise are destined to be best frenemies.

As the kids grow up and Mr and Mrs B grow old, I am sure that they’ll continue to best whatever famous family rivals they’re up against. With Kris and Bruce’s marriage falling apart and Kimye slowly becoming the cultural equivalent of the hole in the ozone layer, I am certain we’ll be looking more and more to the Beckhams for our celebrity family fix.

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