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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to say that you love someone by giving them beauty products to enhance their exterior. YAY. Jokes aside, I would love to get beauty products for Valentine’s Day. There’s only one issue:


It’s fine though, I can work it. For those who have partners then here are some presents you can get them, or your lonely single friend…

Lush – Tender is the Night – £6.50

Lush have recently come out with Valentine’s items with bath bits, soap, shower gel and more. Interlinking with the ‘Sign of Love’ campaign, it is great to find a company so out there in terms of campaigns whilst making beautiful products for you to enjoy.

My favourite is the Tender is the Night massage bar. Full of jasmine, ylang ylang and murumuru butter just swipe the bar all over the body, yours or another person who has given consent, and there we have it lovely, soft and supple skin for everyone to enjoy!


Sexy New Underwear – Calvin Klein from £18

From Calvin’s, to Jack Jones, to Ralph Lauren – everyone has a favourite. A gift for your loved one, but let’s be honest, it’s probably going to be a gift for you too.


Lush Spa – £40+

If you love Lush and really wanted to push the boat out then their spas are fantastic. With a variety of treatments in a variety of spa shops you can pop along – the longest being 2 hours – and relax and unwind. The Comforter? (£65) is a rose and chocolate body scrub and massage where you are wrapped up in a big duvet. In some spas they also do double treatments so yourself and your partner can enjoy yourself and playing with chocolate and bubbles. Vouchers are available from any of the 106 stores and can be redeemed at any time!


A New Watch

What better way for that partner who is always late for a date then a new watch. From Primark to Michael Kors to Rolex, there is the perfect watch to suit any budget. We particularly love this Michael Kors tortoise shell watch. Gorgeous, stylish and will be worn for years to come.


A Shaving Set – John Lewis – £49

No, not that £2.99 tube of cheap shaving gel, but a really nice cream that will look after the face and really get him looking preen, crisp and proper.

This one from John Lewis is lovely with a chrome finished bowl, shaving brush and razor, this is sure to win any man’s heart.


There are plenty of other beauty products out there, but these are just some ideas to get that brain in gear! Happy Hunting.

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