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Waking up most mornings of late, I have wondered what is the most suitable footwear given that the British weather is forcing us to experience all four seasons in one day. Is it wise to drag your loafers out, knowing there is an inherent risk they will end up as wet as an otter? If like me this menopausal weather is causing you the same dilemma, then we have to invest well in our footwear options and monopolise on the good weather when we have it. Men’s footwear as a category has seen substantial growth over the last decade, with more and more men conscious of looking good and using their footwear as their outfit’s focal point. Follow me as I guide you through a couple of options to invest in for the coming months.


Sun Jellies


Bear with me a minute as I cast you back to your childhood, walking along the beach looking for mermaids in your jelly shoes. These were the ultimate benchmark of cool as a child. I adored my jelly shoes. Fast forward around 20 years later and they are still proving that they are more than a passing fad. However it is those of that really offer that nostalgic touch. The classic style is available in a multitude of colours and offer comfort and easy styling to an outfit, set for the waves of sun we have on the way.

However as mentioned, the sun is somewhat unpredictable, so why not invest in some of their wellies? The Jumpy wellies are an ankle length boot with contrast soles to add a great sense of fun and stylistic flare. I have a set of the classic jellies in a rich navy shade,which I will pair with tapered, acid washed jeans, an oversized tee and varsity jacket.


Relevant Customs


As seen on the likes of Jay-Z and Beyoncé to name a few, this company strive to offer only the best in custom sneakers. As part of my research into the company, I decided to check out their site and I was astounded by the craftsmanship put into each piece. The sheer amount of custom touches ensure you can really make your mark and have a truly bespoke pair of trainers made. Another fantastic service they offer is reconstruction of your existing shoes, by using the same patterns and evolving them through fabrications all chosen by yourself. Of course with the incredible service and supremely high grade materials comes a hefty price tag.

This is an outstanding company that are reinventing men’s footwear, which is why these are very much investment pieces. The shoes provide a sense of iconography to the wearer,due to the incredibly personal input you can have with it’s development. They also offer services outside of sneakers,such as the beautifully reconstructed Timberland boots in an exquisite ostrich leather. Each piece is so unique and timeless that they are worthy of the substantial monetary investment required.


I hope that the above has given you food for thought and allowed you to gain a sense of creativity and practicality with your footwear. So join me as we put our best foot forward!


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