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A quick glance down on the subway reveals that, yes, sandal season has arrived once again. I’ve put together a bit of a guide to use when searching for that perfect pair, inspired in part by the GQ summer style guide. I’ll give three tips, then a quick rundown of who is stocking some of my favorite styles for this season

Tip #1: Determine if it is appropriate for YOU to wear sandals.

This does not mean get a weather report to ensure that rain will not be soaking your sandals and ruining your walks about town. This means look at your feet and determine if the sight of them will cause passers-by to feel nauseated. I don’t care how hot a day might be- if your feet could ensure your casting in a horror film, rethink wearing a sandal. For everyone’s sake.

Tip #2: Don’t be afraid

Push beyond a flip-flop. Flip flops are for protecting your feet in gross showers or slipping on for a trip to the beach. Wear a full-on sandal if you’re planning on using an open-toed shoe to complete your look. If I see one more fabulous outfit finished off with a pair of flip flops I’m going to hibernate for the rest of the summer.

Tip #3: GQ knows best

Paraphrasing from GQ’s summer style guide here – sandals should be brown or black or a combination of those two colors. If they are some other color, they are most likely a Croc. Crocs are to fashion what Cheryl Cole is to music: undesirable, yet horrifyingly persistent.

Must-have: Zara sandals

Literally all of them. Zara has yet to disappoint me in terms of their shoe quality and comfort. These woven sandals I’ve selected from their (now on-sale) collection for summer would complete nearly any outfit. I’m imagining pairing them with some linen shorts and a bright button-down casual shirt for a versatile look.


I’m also loving these “braided moccassins,”which, by my standards, are the answer to the question: “what should I wear on a hot day when my toes are legitimately disgusting to look at?”Look no further.


Must-have: Gladiators

When I began branching beyond clogs and flip-flops for summer footwear, I immediately turned to the gladiator sandal. This fabulous pair from ASOS could be worn in a variety of situations as statement footwear. From a casual pair of chino shorts and a tank to jeans and blazer, a fine pair of gladiators can be adapted for most stylistic situations throughout the summer.


In short, censor your toes, be bold in your sandal selection, and avoid flip-flops if you give a remote shit about your appearance.

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