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As summer gets into full swing it’s natural to reminisce on the times when you vacationed and didn’t spend the hottest days of the year walking down Broadway trying to get to work. I often long for my summers in Montego Bay, Fourth of July on the beaches of South Carolina, tan men in short shorts, and a good fish fry – I am Southern after all. So of course when I realized my best friend’s birthday was approaching, I immediately thought… beach trip.

Alas I must work and can’t escape for a week long vacation, but since she’s back in North Carolina making her own wine and hiking I’m sure she can. And since I know she’s going to steal the keys to the beach house and is getting skinnier by the second I’m considering getting her a new bikini.

And what do you know, I was just at a Bikini party last night. Cut to me getting off work and not having a chance to change. Black jersey tee, short black shorts, and vintage Bally slippers, I was off to SoHo.

Having met Gabrielle Sabharwal for the first time back in February I was aware of her presence and aware of her line but not aware that in this model like figure, housed a single woman power house. In the New York scene she needs no introduction, as the PR brain behind one of the chicest houses both domestically and abroad, and designer of swim wear line Giejo. Miss G is strutting her way to the top, leaving Isabel Marant footprints behind.

giejo launch

If you trust the opinions of WWD, InStyle, Barneys and ShopBop, then you should already know the hottest name in swim is Giejo. Gee as in “Oh–Em–Gee this shit is dope” and Jo as in “I’m so Jo-lly to be wearing my new bikini.” The swimwear line is the best thing to hit the beach since low calories margaritas and lowrise swim trunks. And since we know behind every good queen is a good faghag, or a lip stick lesbian… possibly both, it’s necessary to keep them looking good. If I’m going to make the effort to appear skinny on every occasion, I expect them to be skinny and more importantly show it off. You’re only as good as your posse, and they’re only as good as their clothes.

giejo launch

On to the event, and I must say the soiree was fabulous. Tall chocolate men in black suits opening doors, bloggers in hats, and editors in plaid. This was definitely one for the books. Some might call it a presentation of sorts. I, however, considered it an installation of couture. The delectable pieces which are made from discontinued or dead stock fabrics hand picked by the designer were displayed on racks, pasted on the wall and even projected. There was a full bar in the back, a DJ, and a marvelous chandelier fit for a queen. The white roses on the table were tastefully surrounded by whimsically printed bikini tops, and they even had a beach scene going on next to the gift bags. The hostess with the mostest was beaming in a floor length white dress with keyhole cutouts and a Giejo bikini top.

giejo launch

I’ve had the pleasure to both work with Gabrielle and share a quick bite in Bryant Park and I must say her brand is a true reflection of her personality. Young, chic, and very very cool. So since you queens aren’t fitting into anything Giejo anytime soon, I recommend you live vicariously through your better half.

These swim pieces make great gifts for a hag, a sister, or your neighbour with the hot brother you’re trying to bribe into a sleep over. Reasonable price at around $100 -$135 USD a piece (they’re mix and match), you’ll be the loved , she’ll be adored, and you’ll have money for the club cover, everybody wins. Done! Questions?


Check out Miss Gabrielle on Instagram and Twitter: @shopgiejo

And since you’ll be buying everything, you’ll need the website: www.shopgiejo.com

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