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It’s truly amazing how influential social media such as twitter can be. It was through this that I came across the company Billion Dollar Brows.

Dedicated to giving the very best in brow maintenance, it was forged from a humble base in an apartment and has amassed substantial fans as it continues to spread globally. I have always taken great pleasure in ensuring I have the best brows possible as I always feel people neglect them, often in the most drastic of fashions. I have bore witness to some, let’s say interesting, brow shapes and it’s often poor beauty education which leads to this grooming faux pas. With Billion Dollar Brows the products are easy to master and will ensure you achieve desirable results.

In recent weeks I have had the pleasure of using a few key products from their extensive range. The resounding feedback was an overwhelming thumbs up and many gushed over where to purchase them. When I take on clients, I always ensure that I take a number of factors into account before applying make-up. One of the greatest sticking points is brow shape and establishing the correct shade. The mistake most make up artists can make is to heavily sculpt the brows, which is sometimes a little harsh for the client and not necessarily akin with their look as a whole. I found the range by Billion Dollar Brows extremely easy to work with and almost lost my items to my client’s ever growing urge to own these pieces themselves.

Below are just a few of the products I used and the many uses for them:

Brow Gel


In the current marketplace brow gels are readily available from most make up counters, but often they can leave the hair with a crunchy feel and can lead to flakiness. The beauty of this gel is the fact it’s a clear gel, which will work well for any hair colour and leave an invisible hold. This is essential for locking the brows in shape and taming the wildest of stray hairs. The wand is similar to that of a mascara brush, with the exception of the much fuller base and narrow tip. This really ensures the bulk of the hair is covered by the product and the tapered tip, allowing greater precision for the outer corners of the brows. I used this on a client for an evening make up look and the product stayed intact, until it was ready to be removed. Always one to be a beauty guinea pig, I tried this myself and I wasn’t disappointed. I have very full brows but they can be sparse in places. By using the gel it slightly deepens the colour of the hairs and gives a much stronger brow.

Universal Brow Pencil


Pencil and wand are married perfectly together in this ultra-handy tool. On one side is the pencil and the other is a very coarse wand to brush the product through the brows. When I pick a brow pencil I tend to avoid soft products as they don’t mimic hair strokes as well and tend to deposit thick blotches of colour, onto the area you’re working on. This pencil is very sharp and precise, with a very strong colour pay off. My most recent client was very fair skinned and her natural hair tone, was a very ashy blonde. The colour of this pencil is exactly as it professes, in a sense it is universal. Delicate strokes were drawn and brushed through with the wand to give a soft brow. Colour can easily be built up the heavier you apply, which is ideal for wearers with a deeper hair tone. The trick is to build it up in stages and let the pencil do the work.

Brow Duo Pencil


‘I need this, where can I get it?’ were the first words uttered by my client. This duo is most definitely worth investing in. The concealer end is ideal for concealing any small blemishes, or as an under eye concealer. The colour has a slight yellow undertone to it, so isn’t necessarily ideal for under eye on all clients. It is however suitable for all to cover small pimples or areas of redness which can be caused by heavy plucking. This pencil was the one thing I couldn’t prize off my client and she was in complete awe of the many uses it could have and also the drama it gave to the brows. The highlighter is a rich creamy formulation, which glides onto the skin with ease. This should be used just under the arch of the brow, directly onto the brow bone. Blend the product downwards to eliminate harsh lines and use the ring finger to gently blend out any additional imperfections. I also used this to highlight the bridge of my client’s nose, to add a touch of light and set it with a translucent finishing powder. I’m always creative in what I can do with my products and I’m a great believer in getting the most out of it by tailoring them to more than one use.

Overall I was thoroughly pleased with the products and I am keen to further invest more of my time into the rest of the collection. A company that is going from strength to strength, it excites me to see yet more coveted items added to their stock range.


For further stockist information and details please visit:

 Twitter: @BDBrowsUK

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